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NuraTrue Rapid Review

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The NuraTrue earbuds

The wireless earbuds market is crowded, with most offering many of the same features, including active noise cancellation, customisable touch functions, and roughly the same battery life. With this in mind, it’s quite hard for a pair to stand out from the crowd. The latest wireless earbuds that we’ve tested out are the newest product from the Australian-based company, Nura. The NuraTrue wireless earbuds include all of the features mentioned above. However, the unique selling point of the NuraTrue is personalised sound profiles. Was this enough to make them a better choice?

Comfort and Fit

The NuraTrue comes with several silicone ear tips and a set of foam ones. You also get some different sized wing attachments. It’s great that there are many options available. It means that you will find a pair that fits comfortably. Furthermore, the wingtips provide a secure fit. My usual test for earbuds is to shake my head from side to side to see if they fall out.

The contents of the NuraTrue
NuraTrue contents

I’m pleased to say that the NuraTrue passed this test with flying colours. The NuraTrue earbuds are pretty large, and their shape means that they will fill the whole of your ear cavity. At first, this does feel a little strange, but you do get used to it.

Sound Quality and Features

The NuraTrue earbuds offer a solid listening experience, and while not the loudest earbuds I’ve ever used, they more than make up for it in the quality of sound and the customisable features available. The standout feature, and the one that makes the NuraTrue unique, is True Personalisation.

NuraTrue hearing profile
This is a visual representation of my hearing profile.

During the initial set-up process of the NuraTrue, you are tasked with creating a hearing profile. I’m not going to pretend that I know exactly how this works, but in simple terms, the headphones play several tones at varying frequencies and measure how sensitive your ears are to each. The result is a personalised soundscape that is unique to your ears. It does sound a little gimmicky, but once you experience it, you’ll miss it on other wireless earbuds. When not activated, the music feels flat and dull. When activated, your music feels like it comes alive.

Immersion mode is another great feature that makes a huge difference to your music. This mode can be altered in the excellent NuraTrue app, or by using the touch controls. When fully activated, immersion mode makes the music you’re listening to feel like a live performance.

Last but by no means least is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Social Mode. ANC on the NuraTrue is not as good as other earbuds I’ve used, but it is more than good enough at blocking out unwanted external sounds. Social mode (otherwise known as transcends mode on other earbuds) allows external sounds into the earbuds, making you more aware of noises around you. Social mode is helpful in an office environment, allowing you to listen to your music and the conversations taking place.

Custom Controls

The touch controls on the NuraTrue are very responsive and a great feature of the earbuds is the ability to highly customise the touch controls. As you can see in the screenshots below, you are able to change what each tap and hold does on both earbuds. This level of customisation is very impressive and will mean that the earbuds’ controls can be tailored to your individual needs.

Battery Life

The NuraTrue provides around six hours of battery life which is pretty standard and is enough to get most people through a day of work. Placing the earbuds in the charging case will give you up to twenty-four hours of use. The NuraTrue charging case can be charged using the USB-C charging cable and takes around two and a half hours to charge fully.

Detailed battery information
Detailed battery info via the NuraTrue App

A useful feature of the charging case is the LED lights on the front. A single LED light indicates a low battery level, while four LED lights indicate a fully charged battery case. Your earbuds will also announce that the battery life is low or critical. This gives you enough time to get your earbuds charged.


I’ve got to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the NuraTrue wireless earbuds. They’re comfortable, sound great, and personalised mode is an absolute treat.

Rapid Reviews Rating

gold score

Thanks for reading our Rapid Review of the NuraTrue earbuds. You can find out more about Nura and its range of audio products here, To read more of our tech reviews, click here.

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