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Hunting Simulator 2 Review

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Fast Facts

Hunting Simulator 2

Developer: Neopica
Publisher: Nacon
Genre: Third Person Shooter, First Person Shooter, Hunting
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 16
Release Date: 30/06/2020
Price: £49.99

A cod was provided for review purposes.

Developed by Neopica and distributed by Bigben Interactive, it´s a game that wants to demonstrate the real essence of hunting.

It’s Not Just Shooting

We must learn to be one with the environment

In Hunting Simulator 2, realism takes us to the edge of the video game experience. To the surprise of a person who knows nothing of the hunting world, when you were finally able to locate a fox and shoot him hastily, a message on the screen surprised us. A warning that you had been fined for lack of professionalism. Unexpected and confusing at first, but this is the way of the game and the world we were entering.

It turns out that you must hunt down each animal, with a type of weapon and ammunition of a certain calibre. If you’re wrong about this, it will be considered an “unethical hunt,” resulting in a fine. The objective of Hunting Simulator 2, is to make you one with the environment. To learn how to hunt all the species, see how your canine companion grows in experience and size. As your skills grow you can also invest in better equipment; both camouflage and weaponry. This also allows you to get the licenses to hunt the species, and decide what to do with your prey.

A Lot Of Realism, And Not So Bad Technically

We must take advantage of the land as much as possible

I was surprised at how well the environments were recreated. It doesn’t have the best graphics, and it isn’t a photorealistic audiovisual show like Red Dead Redemption II or The Last of Us Part II. But you do feel as though you are inside a real forest full of animals.

You aren’t facing realism at the level of different video games with weapons implication, such as Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, because the production of both video games is very different; Hunting Simulator 2 does an amazing job in a genre that is not usually considered.

Hunting Simulator tries to be a realistic simulator, and the truth is that it succeeds in several ways. It isn’t easy to hunt the prey, you will have to be attentive to what you hear around you, and also to the sounds that we make when moving. Then, something that could have been made simple, like as aiming and shooting, is complicated and imprecise. This makes it harder to ensure your shots hit your target’s vital organs.

The World Of Hunting At Its Best

Incredible views for a little-known game

You also have a canine companion in the game. You can choose from a number of different breeds and must train them accordingly. Sometimes it’s better to order them to stay still before they alert the animals. Of course, their help to keep track is a big part of any hunt and ultimately helps more than hinders.

The licenses are not universal. You will have to buy the licenses for the territory you are facing, and for each species, obviously. That means, you can have the license to hunt a white-tailed deer in California, but you will have to acquire it again to be able to hunt in Europe. In addition, the number of weapons and ammunition of different calibre that exist, make it a very realistic option if you are a fan of the world of hunting.

An Indispensable Game For Any Hunting Lover

Patience is a key factor

Hunting Simulator 2 is an extensive game with an objective that seems very basic and simple. However, mastering it will take you a good number of hours of experience. Learning from both your failures and victories until you can fully master it. It can be a relaxing game due to the feeling of nature and life that it gives off. It is a title that could easily hook you for hours.

Without a doubt, it’s the best hunting simulator on the current consoles, and it’s far from the linearity of the Cabela’s saga. With higher production values ​​and higher global technical quality, grander game ideas could be tempting. Yet, since it is not a genre that sells millions of units, I believe that this may be the technical ceiling to which Hunting games can aspire, at least for now.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can buy your copy of Hunting Simulator 2 on the Microsoft Games Store today.

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