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Lypertek PUREPLAY Z7 Review

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Fast Specs

Lypertek PUREPLAY Z7

Up to 80 Hours of Battery Life (10 + 70 from case)
Voice Assistant Compatible
Fast Charging
Stylish USB-C Charging Case
Hear-Through Functionality
Low Latency Playback
Easy to Use Controls
Plenty of Different Size Earpieces To Fit All Ears
Price: £199.99

The product was provided for review purposes

Sleek & Smart Packaging

When I received these earphones in the post, I had no idea what to expect. Having had many audio solutions in the past, I was expecting a run-of-the-mill box with the product inside. Oh, how I was mistaken.

This box is firm to keep everything well protected, while the side-panel opening gives it a premium feel. Upon opening it up, I was greeted with the earbuds and the carry case, housed in a solid foam-like material to keep them from shaking around inside the box. A nice little pocket to accommodate the QuickStart guide and other paperwork was on the back of the opening fold. This was a welcome change from it being loose under the product (as is the case with so many brands). Underneath the foam housing was a tidy little section containing all the accessories, including the Charging Cable (which could do with being a little longer), filter mesh pads to protect the speakers, and more ear tips than I’ve had hot dinners. With such a variety, finding the perfect fit for me was no issue.

The front of the box containing the earphones.
Z7 packaging
All the accessories that come with the device.
Device accessories
First appearance upon opening the box. The earphones alongside the charging case.
The product on display

Let’s Talk Style

As we all know, looking good is a must when it comes to wearable tech, especially when it comes to earphones. While the PUREPLAY Z7 wireless earphones look good when opening the box, it quickly comes to fruition that they are rather bulky. I thought they’d look way too chunky at first glance but was pleasantly surprised that they don’t look as big as I first thought. It should be stated, however that they do protrude from the ears a fair amount. Unfortunately, it does mean that wearing these with something like a beanie that covers your ears is a non-starter.

One of the Lypertek PUREPLAY Z7 earphones being worn.
Lypertek PUREPLAY Z7 being worn

Aside from the size aspects, the design is excellent. A sleek black design with silver accents around the buttons makes for a premium look.

All Important Audio

The audio around these earphones has a few different aspects, but we will focus on just 3: Playback quality, Hear-through, and system sounds.

Playback Audio

Starting with the playback audio, what can I say other than it’s fantastic! The triple driver system allows for crisp and detailed tones in the highs and mids while allowing for powerful and rich bass. To add to this, the PureControl app enables you to either adjust the EQ to custom values or choose one of the pre-set tones for quick alteration. In addition to EQ adjustments, you can also enable LDX Audio, enabling the sound to become more detailed and enriched. While this is only a subtle difference, it is a nice feature.

Screenshot of the Lypertek Audio App for mobile devices
Lypertek Audio Application

Ambient Sounds

The Hear-through feature (ambient sound mode) allows you to hear your surroundings more clearly. While the difference it makes when not listening to anything is obvious, it’s hard to notice the feature when something is playing. This is because you can still hear your surroundings fairly well without the feature enabled. Perhaps this is down to the shape of my ears, but I honestly feel this feature isn’t all that. In addition, when enabling it by pressing and holding the button on the earpieces (or via the app), you can hear things clicking and popping—something I wouldn’t expect from a premium product.

System Sounds

Finally, let’s talk about system sounds. Starting with things meant to be there – the nice lady who tells you (albeit very loudly) that the power is on. She has a pleasant voice that isn’t too jarring. Next are the response sounds that come in the form of beeps when pressing buttons. These are pretty loud and obnoxious. Finally is the constant hissing you’ll experience when using these headphones to listen to anything. Not noticeable with most music, but as soon as you pause or are watching something like TikTok, it’s very noticeable. It’s the same sort of noise you get with the ambient microphone. It’s likely to be the audio drivers being powered. This drives me mad as someone who likes to use headphones for all sorts of things. It disappears after a few minutes, but I’m still very disappointed about this.

A Couple of Concerns

Unfortunately, I’ve got a few more gripes with these earbuds. For starters, when going from using a single earbud to a pair, the volume will be different between them if you’ve changed it while using them. To remedy this, change the audio level, and they will sync up.

In addition, my biggest issue with the earbuds is that I can finish using them and put them in their case, but when I next open an app with audio, I find they’re still connected! This is a nightmare when receiving a work call out of nowhere and not knowing why you can’t hear them.

These are not things I would expect to experience with a set of earbuds that are marketed at a premium level. Something like a pair of galaxy buds (that are nearly half the price) don’t have any of these issues.

What’s the Verdict?

While these headphones sound brilliant and have excellent battery life, they fall short just about everywhere else. They’re cumbersome in the ears, they don’t disconnect reliably, the Hear-through feature barely makes a difference, and the software generally isn’t great.

Had these earphones been set at an RRP of £79, then I’d argue they might be worth the money. At a value of £199.99, no way. There are much better earphones on the market for half the price.

Rapid Reviews Rating

1.5 out of 5


You can buy the Lypertek PUREPLAY Z7 Wireless Earphones on the Lypertek website.

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