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Nexomon: Extinction Review

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Fast Facts

Nexomon: Extinction

Developer: Vewo Interactive
Publisher: PQube
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 7
Release Date: 28/08/2020

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Tamers Gonna Tame

Let me start by saying, there are not nearly enough monster-catching games around, and it’s no real surprise with the likes of the Pokemon series, I guess it can be a little intimidating. That’s why I was so glad to hear about Nexomon: Extinction. But does it stand up against the best? Let’s see.

Nexomon: Extinction is an adventure RPG game that almost mimics Pokemon exactly. The gameplay, battle system, creature types – it’s almost uncanny. But, there are areas that Nexomon takes and then excels on such as its storyline. It has some depth to it, you’re not just wanting to be the best tamer (Nexomons version of a trainer), this is a story of destruction.

It all begins in an orphanage, the orphanage you have grown up in. You’re now of age to become a tamer and so you’re finally ready to catch your very first Nexomon and begin your wonderful journey. Sadly, it doesn’t go exactly to plan as an unknown Dragon attacks you, and you being the hero that you are, try to fight it. Of course, you don’t win and you’re conveniently saved by a stranger. This is where your adventure really begins, choose your first Nexomon from a choice of nine and find out what’s going on in the world and what this dragon wants.

I will say though, the story isn’t all doom and gloom – it has some incredibly witty and humorous moments and it’s almost always at the forefront.

Nexomon: Extinction
Isn’t it beautiful?

Gotta Catch ’em All

There are almost 400 different Nexomon to see and tame in the game which is an absolutely insane number! To put that into perspective, the original Pokemon had 150 Pokemon in it so there’s a lot to explore and learn as you play – just consult your Nexopedia.

Each Nexomon is totally unique and although you will see some resemblances to Pokemon, the majority of them will offer a nice surprise. Whilst wandering each area you will come across tall grass, this is where you will come across the majority of the Nexomon you see, if you see the grass moving, enter it and you will engage with a Nexomon. Not knowing which is exciting, especially seeing as there are so many. This means that the six Nexomon in your party will be ones that you like the look of best.

This is where you choose between just battling or taming a Nexomon. Like Pokemon, the game features a turn-based battle system, choosing from four attacks in order to chip away at your opponent’s health. Be careful though, attacking causes your Nexomon to lose stamina – if that stamina reaches zero, it becomes tired and requires you to lose a turn to regain some.

Taming Nexomon is where it becomes a little more advanced. There are many ways in which you can tire a monster out for you to have a better chance at catching – or taming – it. Tire it in battle, feed it (yes, how amazing), cause a status effect to it and then finally, capture it using a NexoTrap. There are specific NexoTraps for different types of monsters. For example, a Water NexoTrap is designed to capture water Nexomon. Whilst the Nexomon is being captured, you will be required to enter a sequence of button presses, but there isn’t much of a punishment if you incorrectly input these sequences.

Nexomon: Extinction Nintendo Switch
Craft various NexoTraps to capture Nexomon.

Fighting Can Be Tough

After the first hour or so of gameplay, the difficulty really seems to go up a gear. The AI doesn’t take it easy on you during battles, they will switch out Nexomon that are weak and pull out ones that are strong against yours. Very clever AI.

The level of Nexomon you encounter scales with your party which is good but also bad at the same time because it means you must keep your party evenly balanced – not too much of an issue, this is something I try to do anyway.

There are nine different ‘types’ of Nexomon; Normal, Fire, Water, Plant, Mineral, Wind, Electric, Psychic and Ghost. Each one is weaker and stronger than another. It’s learning these combinations that will see you succeed in battle. Of course, it also means there is a lot stacked up against you – you will always encounter one Nexomon that none of your party is strong against – those can prove a challenge.

Not to worry though, there is no punishment for all your Nexomon being defeated. It will just restart you within the same area to try again.

Nexomon: Extinction review
Is this Pokemon, or Nexomon?

This is Art

One area where Nexomon: Extinction truly excels is its art-style. It’s just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It’s the first thing that caught my eye about the game and it never disappoints. From the design of each Nexomon to the areas you discover, it’s all just beautiful to look at.

It’s a bright and colourful RPG-style world where there is much to be discovered. Each area you enter can almost feel cluttered, but only because there is so much going on at once. This isn’t being said as a bad thing, only an observation. I often spent a lot of time just gazing at my surroundings – it’s so aesthetically pleasing.

Nexomon: Extinction review
The colours are so vibrant.


Nexomon: Extinction is a brilliant game that is both challenging and rewarding. With a great story and equally great gameplay, it was an absolute joy to play and a welcomed surprise. Nexomon: Extinction had me feeling like I was experiencing Pokemon for the very first time and it was great.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can get your copy of Nexomon: Extinction from the Nintendo eShop today.

One Comment

  • osborne

    hey guys pls try and change the exp distriution none of my nexomon will level if the keep dying even after defeating an opponents nexomon. i mean whats the point of deafeating a challengers nexomon and my nexomon not even getting exp ,because it was killed by another nexomon from the challengers team
    what im trying to say is why doesnt my nexomon that defeats the opponents nexomon reecieve and exp for doing so?
    I mean I still have a level 11 nexomon with my other sets which doesn’t even upgrade coz it just dies
    I wish the exp was given to nexomon that defeated the challengers nexomon
    using revives and. potions and stuff everytime so as to keep them alive is taxing and money draining

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