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Super Destronaut DX-2 Review

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Fast Facts

Super Destronaut DX-2

Developer: Petite Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Genre(s): Schmup, Shooter, Arcade
Platform: PlayStation 5 (also available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch)
Age Rating: PEGI3
Release Date: 02/07/2021
Price: £3.99

A code was provided for review purposes

Supercharged Space Invaders

We all know about games from Ratalaika; massively varied in quality, cross-buy, trophy-filled, and sometimes even enjoyable. I liked the first Destronaut, so hopefully this follow-up will not be too far away in quality and entertainment. Super Destronaut DX-2 is akin to supercharged Space Invaders. While being a fairly simple game, it has some redeemable qualities and I think the sequel does bring along a few new bells and whistles to separate it from its predecessor.

While quite compact, Super Destronaut DX-2 does have a few modes and a couple of twists on the tried and tested Space Invaders formula. You have five arcade modes that vary from your standard ‘stay alive as long as you can’ mode to ‘time attack’ and my favourite addition, ‘bullet mode’. In this mode, you have limited ammo. In a game where you normally just hold the fire button and go for it, it does heavily alter your approach. You have to make shots count and it was quite a gameplay changer.

A fighter shooting at aliens in Super Destronaut DX-2
Blast that alien scum!

A Mix of Modes

In addition to the arcade modes, you have a challenge mode that links together various arcade modes and gives you a gold, silver or bronze depending on your performance. It’s a pleasant mode that shows you all the deviations the game offers (from your standard vertical arcade shooter). Along with all these modes, you have temporary powerups that give you a bit of extra oomph during the busier section and a combo multiplier that breaks if you take a hit. Standard fare really for shoot-em-ups and games of this ilk.

While I found Super Destronaut DX-2 to be (on the whole) an entertaining (if short) experience, I really feel that the trophy set (as with most Ratalaika games) needs looking at. I have said it several times while reviewing these games, you should at least have to finish the game to get the platinum. A majority of these games’ sales are from trophy hunters and players who want easy platinums. I used to be one of them to be fair, I used to buy cheap games that were easy to platinum to bolster my trophy cabinet. I know it is not a big thing to most people but a more challenging, better-rounded trophy list would, in my opinion, elevate the whole experience.

A fighter on the right of the screen firing at aliens in Super Destronaut DX-2
Pew, pew, pew!

A Neon-Fuelled Visual Feast

On the presentation front, I liked how Super Destronaut DX-2 looked. It’s bright, colourful and very attractive. The music and sound effects also add to the overall, old-school, neon-fuelled art style. While not being an intricate or complex graphical style, I do think it works with this type of game and it will certainly appeal to players who like older games or stark visual styles.

Performance-wise, I know it’s a very basic game but it did run flawlessly. I know, I know, it is not pushing my PlayStation 5 by any means but at least it has been tested well and you never have to worry about crashes or performance issues. You are left to shoot brightly coloured aliens in the face in peace and that is a thing that should be applauded.

A fighter shooting at aliens in bullet restriction mode in Super Destronaut DX-2
The bullet restricted mode really changes your approach

Not Bad for a Few Quid

So to sum up, while I enjoyed Super Destronaut DX-2, the trophy list left a bit to be desired. It has a few modes to get stuck into, a nice art style and is cheap as chips. I especially liked the bullet restricted mode and the mixed up challenge mode. Next time though, instead of a piecemeal set of easily obtainable virtual baubles, can we have a bit more challenge built into the trophy set to give players something to work for? That would be great.

Rapid Reviews Rating

3 out of 5

You can buy Super Destronaut DX-2 on the PlayStation Store here.

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