• Ninja Gaiden Sigma Review

    Reading Time: 8 minutes Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a hack and slash action-adventure title focused on revenge. Check out our review of Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS4 here.

  • Battlefield 2042 Revealed

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Battlefield 2042 has officially been revealed and we have all the info. Release dates, game modes and player counts, you can find it at RRUK.

  • PS5 Launches Holiday 2020!

    Reading Time: 2 minutes So it’s official, PlayStation 5 is arriving for the holiday season 2020, and will go head to head with Project Scarlett to see who reigns supreme as the No.1 Christmas Gift for living rooms across the…

  • PlayStation State of Play

    Reading Time: 3 minutes The 24th of September 2019 puts us in line for another one of PlayStation’s State of Play presentations where they show us a bunch of stuff they’re bringing to the table in the near future. They’re…

  • Pat Visits PAX West 2019

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  • Mario Kart Tour

    Reading Time: < 1 minute https://youtu.be/vgJO3000GXU 27th August, 2019 – On 25th September, Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s newest game designed for iOS and Android devices, boosts out of the starting gate and into the palms of players’ hands around the…

  • Hiroaki Yura

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Up next in our Indie Corner Spotlight Interview is Japanese game Developer, Hiroaki Yura from Tiny Metal Game. He is behind the newly released, TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE.