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Everything Announced at the Capcom Showcase

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Capcom's promotional image, with the Capcom logo and E3 2021 on a dark blue background.

I know that Capcom has been around since the arcade Era, but I am a new fan of theirs. It wasn’t until the Resident Evil 2 remake that I actually bought a full priced game from them, even though I had played many of their previous games. Then, just a month or so ago, I was so impressed by the Resident Evil Village demo that I pre-ordered the combo pack with Resident Evil 7 Gold edition! That has lead to me volunteering to cover Capcom’s E3 Showcase, expecting news on RE Village DLC or maybe a Resident Evil 4 remake. The following is all the announcements made during the event.

Resident Evil Village

At only 1 month since release, I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hope up for news. A producer reminds players that they will receive the 25th anniversary multi-player shooter RE: Verse for free and that it will go live sometime next month. He also said that development has started on DLC for RE Village, but nothing else. There is no video of this short section, as it was just a man speaking.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

This Switch exclusive sequel appears to be more story focused from its cinematic trailer, with the titular wings of ruin referring to a dragon that you pursue throughout the game. Also announced was free title updates, the first of which arrives on July 15th, shortly after the game’s release on July 9th. To get a taste of the game, a free trial will be available starting June 25th, with your progress carrying over to the full release.

Monster Hunter Rise

A trailer announced the game’s first collaboration with the aforementioned MH Stories 2, with characters and weapons crossing over between games. It also showed update 3.1 and paid content releasing on June 24th.

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Really the only surprise announcement came as this game that bundles two Japanese only prequel games to be available soon to Western audiences. One of the games sees you team up with Herlock Sholmes in London. That game includes the dance of deductions, a kind of back and forth with Herlock to solve mysterious and summation examination where you sway a panel of jurors whose votes are put on a literal scales of justice. The bundle releases on July 27th.

The last segment was concerning Capcom fighters esports, talking about the Street Fighter League, 32 events of the Capcom Pro Tour, and the Capcom Cup. Again, there is no video available as it was just the esports commentators talking, with clips of previous events.

Overall, I was quite disappointed in the show. It didn’t last long at all, only about half an hour, and only talked about a few games. I was expecting more about the Resident Evil anniversary, Village DLC, and possibly an RE4 remake. Although seeing the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles piqued my interest, it is not available on my platform of choice, so that was another letdown. Finally, I don’t know why they needed an esports segment, especially with E3 being all digital and thus not having any esports events associated with it.

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