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Everything Announced at the Future Games Show

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For those unfamiliar with the Future Games Show, it’s a console centric E3 showcase put on by GamesRadar that is meant as a counter to the PC Gaming Show. It is hosted by popular video game voice actors Laura Bailey and Troy Baker. As it is scheduled relatively late this year, it only had a few world premieres. There were about 60 games in the following list so I will limit my descriptions of each to make for rapid reading. I have also omitted release dates as most didn’t have definite ones, as the title of the show implies.

Instinction: Third Person Shooter With Dinosaurs

Grow Song of the Evertree : Sandbox Town Builder

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Park sim sequel taking place after Fallen kingdom, and voiced by original actors

Steam Show Floor

The virtual show floor for the Future Games Show is available on Steam with a wealth of demos.

E sports Boxing Club: Multi-generational 200 fighter boxing game.

Hell Let Loose: 100 Player WWII Shooter with RTS metagame

Red Solstice 2 : 8 Player real-time SciFi tactical shooter

Lake: Narrative Adventure

Eldest Souls: Pixelated Soulslike

Enlisted: Squad-Based WWII FPS with vehicles and true to history campaigns

Severed Steel: Stunt Arcade Shooter

Future Hits Montage
Games Revealed : Dice Legacy, Gestalt, Iron Corbo, Fried Chicken Inc. Ranch Sim, Schim, Silt, Domeking Cabbage

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Gameplay

Starmancer : Space Station Management Sim

KeyWe: Co-op post office puzzler that changes with seasons

DeathRun TV: Gameshow Roguelike


Team17 Montage

Hell Let Loose, Super Magbot, Hokko Life, Honey I Joined a Cult, King of Seas, Greak, Sheltered 2 and Overcooked All You Can Eat were all shown in this E3 Update.

Harold Halibut: Handmade stop motion narrative adventure on a spaceship under the ocean

Happy Game : Anything but happy

Minute of Islands: Hand drawn puzzle platformer

Dying Light 2 Q&A

Tails of Iron: Rats Vs Frogs

Next was the Movie games montage with the following games: Lust from Beyond, Fire Commander, Winter Survival Simulator

XSeed Games Montage

Akibas Trip, Shadowverse Champions Battle, Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town, Rune Factory 4 Special and Rune Factory 5 were shown in this montage.

Batora Lost Haven: Hack and slash twin-stick sci-fi shooter

Two Point Campus: University Sim

Project Ferocious: Action-adventure on a tropical island

Warcry Challenges: Doom meets Super Meat Boy

Conway Disappearance at Dahlia View: Story-driven detective thriller

Immortality (One More Thing)


Overall, I was impressed by the amount and diversity of the games in the Future Games Show. I particularly liked the virtual show floor with demos of many of the games to play. I was most interested in Lake, KeyWe, Chernobylite, and Harold Halibut which was the only one of the four I hadn’t previously seen. I enjoyed seeing a side activity in Lake, which involves selecting an 80s movie to see, though I would pick differently than in the video. The KeyWe gameplay of the changes seasons seemed very fun yet frantic. Chernobylite is just a beautiful game and it’s a treat anytime I get to see new areas of the game. Finally, it was fascinating to see how the developers brought Harold Halibut to life with its unique art style. What did you think of the showcase? Let us know on Twiter @rapidreviewsuk

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