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PS5 Launches Holiday 2020!

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So it’s official, PlayStation 5 is arriving for the holiday season 2020, and will go head to head with Project Scarlett to see who reigns supreme as the No.1 Christmas Gift for living rooms across the world!

For a little while now the gaming world has been waiting to hear what’s next for the world of PlayStation, and with so much change at every level at the moment taking place at Sony HQ, it’s certainly caught us by surprise to hear, the title and early details have finally landed on this Tuesday afternoon.

The name PlayStation 5 or PS5 was expected and delivered on the continuity, and consistency PlayStation has provided since 1994. PlayStation 1,2,3 and 4 with a gentle meander into Pro.

Some of the early detail provided by Mark Cerny confirms it will feature a solid-state drive, as opposed to the archaic 5400rpm Spinning Disc Rust Platters of old. Not just that, though. With optimised data collection and eradicating the need for developers to duplicate data multiple times on disc (to allow the disc head to collect data quickly). Instead, we have the potential to see smaller data packages from developers or even more elaborately designed worlds with more efficient uses of space. This is music to my ears, SSD’s, after all, are amazing but expensive!

Other confirmations that we are already aware of, confirming that the CPU GPU combo will follow a similar path as Microsoft with a custom AMD Ryzen based solution in place, albeit clock speeds and ram optimisations aren’t at this stage clear (although the similarities between the two feel closer than ever). Mark Cerny has allayed concerns around how the Ray-Tracing elements will be applied for PS5 (there was worry it may be software-enabled configuration which would put additional strain on the RAM/VRAM, not to worry though, it will be a GPU optimisation at a hardware level).

There are some cool revelations already confirmed around advancements to the as-yet-unnamed controller (my money is on Dual Shock 5), with confirmation we will see adaptive triggers (sensing the depth or intensity of the button press, similar to what we have seen from another third party “pro” controllers from Scuff and Razer) as well as a full haptic based feedback system (compared to the spinning rumble motor that hasn’t really progressed much since DS1). I’m super excited for how these enhancements help to create an immersive gaming experience, oh and charging – that’s now USB-C! Whoop!

There’s an awful lot still to find out, but with 12 months or so to go, info will be landing thick and fast, keep checking back here at Rapid News, and we’ll keep you up to date with design, enhancements and pricing as soon as we have it!

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