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World of Mechs Review

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World of Mechs trailer on YouTube.

Fast Facts

World of Mechs
Developer: Studio 369 Inc
Publisher: Studio 369 Inc
Website: Oculus Store Page
Genre(s): Action, Arcade, Shooting
Platform: Oculus Quest 2
Age Rating: Everyone 10+ / PEGI 7
Release Date: 02/06/22
Price: £14.99

A code was provided for review purposes

A Robot Army

World of Mechs puts you into the suit of an armored mech adorned with machine guns, rockets, grenades, and more. If piloting a hulking machine on a battlefield was ever a dream you had, World of Mechs will make that a virtual reality. The game itself is broken into two parts, a single-player campaign and a 4v4 online with various match types.

A well-organized squad goes in weapons blazing.
A well-organized squad goes in weapons blazing.

No One Fights Alone

My favorite part of World of Mechs was jumping into the multiplayer matches with up to eight players, and bots, if spaces were empty in a variety of match types. Those matches consist of standard deathmatch, capture-the-point variety, as well as a few other types, though it seemed that most of the time I got the first two types.

In matches, you choose one of eight types of mechs. You start out with one type, but slowly unlock more, as well as varied upgrades along the way. The money used to buy upgrades can be gotten through completing the single or multiplayer levels as well as found scattered around maps. The path to upgrade can be a long grind, as new mechs cost thousands of dollars, and unlocking upgrades to their weapons also costs money.

A view from inside the cockpit of your mech.
A view from inside the cockpit of your mech.

The Thrill of the Fight

There’s a ton of excitement though during multiplayer matchups, especially if you land yourself on a team that can coordinate the battle and talk using the in-game communication. One thing that is uncertain though is if the World of Mechs online community will keep coming back for fights. If you don’t have enough human-controller mechs, AI takes over the empty spots. Mechs powered by AI seem cheap though if your wins are attributed or thwarted by their ability or lack thereof on the field.

Battlefields are expansive and contain many routes to objectives.
Battlefields are expansive and contain many routes to objectives.

A Campaign Side Mission

Completing the main story is fairly simple. There are twenty or so missions, that you can completed in three – ten minutes each. The variety in those campaign missions helps to teach you about the maps of the game, which include a frozen industrial complex, a desert wasteland, a city, an underground complex, and a naval base. You will also get familiar with the weapon and mech variety you will encounter in the multiplayer. 

Say hello to my 'little' friend.
Say hello to my ‘little’ friend.

A Visual Mix

Inside of my mech, I felt like I was powered up inside a giant machine poised to take down an army. As you sit in your cockpit, which vary mech to mech, you can see the arms and joysticks of your character which operate the large mechanized arms to your right and left. In front of you, the center console outlines the match details, map, shields, and health, as well as your ammo. You have to manage your gauges which are easily accessible in the center console.

While the inside of your mech looks great and the enemies you encounter pilot very detailed mechs of their own, the surroundings and levels in the game are a bit bland. Since you only have access to five maps, you will see the same thing over and over and over again even before you finish the main campaign or play more than a few hours in multiplayer. The levels seem to vary in their details as well since some parts seemed to have a lot of care for their visuals, whereas other parts contain low textures or simple landscapes. I didn’t notice the low-textured surroundings since I was focused on my weapons and taking down the enemy. The visuals in World of Mechs may not be a deal breaker for many people.

Lasers, rockets, grenades, and more make up your varied weapon types.
Lasers, rockets, grenades, and more make up your varied weapon types.

Final Thoughts

World of Mechs is in good company with Vox Machinae and Iron Rebellion as VR Mech games. World of Mechs is cheaper and an overall smaller package. The game is ambitious in some ways and for that, it does a lot of things well. I had fun online so long as the community thrives and I can find seven other humans to fight alongside.

Rapid Reviews Rating

3.5 out of 5

You can buy World of Mechs for Oculus Quest 2 here.

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