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Wonderglade Oculus Quest Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Resolution Games
Publisher: Resolution Games
Genre: Arcade, Casual‬
Platform: Oculus Quest
Audience: PEGI 3
Release Date: 09/07/2020
Price: £10.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

A Children’s Carnival

Let’s get one thing clear right from the get-go, Wonderglade is a game geared at a younger audience. While the game does feature some interesting and fun games, teens and adults will probably find the mini-game collection to be shallow and ultimately uninspiring. Now that that has been said, the overall package found within Wonderglade does come with some fun games geared at kids that should keep them entertained as they waggle their Oculus controllers swinging a wand to catch gems, playing some mini-golf, tilting a table to race a ball to the end and more.

Sugar Coated Presentation

Wonderglade Oculus Quest
Genie or Genius?

Wonderglade’s main presentation starts in a hub world carnival grounds with several areas dotted around the map. There are six or so mini-games to play, and a small fairy-like character navigates you around the map in the beginning, as you do have to unlock the various games. After unlocking the games, you can jump into each one and their varying skill levels to gain tickets which can be used to unlock costumes and items that can be used within the mini-games.

Varied Games

Here is a break down of the various minigames you will find in Wonderglade. Bistro Basher, which has you hammering items on food trays at a fancy restaurant. Hammering more items will net you more tickets which can be used to change the hammer you are using. 

Wonderglade Oculus Quest
Crazy golf or just crazy?

Hamster Hoops takes you on a galactic basketball court surrounded by hamsters in a race against the clock as you try to sink as many baskets. The basketball nets zip in and out, so make sure your aim is true. 

Magic Mayhem is a wand waggle fest where your job is to smash as many ice crystals, where the more you smash leads to an increase in time which leads to more tickets.

Wonderglade Oculus Quest
Remember to put all of the flames out!

Tinder Town is a cartoon cityscape where buildings catch fire, and as a fireman, you need to hose them down. You do need to manage your water pressure and flow, or else you will run out. Aiming at objects will also uncover tickets, so be sure to douse the flames and the items you see.

Tip n Tilt Racing has you racing against the clock with ball-shaped animals on a tilting maze. There are three different levels to race on and six animals to race with.

Tiny Tee Golf is a simplified version of mini golf with coins and tickets to collect. Getting par or better on the course will allow you to unlock various golf club styles to play with.

After you have played enough and have gained a lot of tickets you can go to the Wonder Wheel to try your hand at spinning the wheel and unlocking new items.

Ultimately Shallow

Wonderglade Oculus Quest
Lots of mini-games to play.

Because the games in Wonderglade skew younger, even my ten year old grew tired of the gameplay within an hour or so, it’s hard for me to recommend Wonderglade as a purchase. The game isn’t expensive, though there are far better Oculus experiences that will give you more hours of fun than this package of mini-games.

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