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Skully Review

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Fast Facts


Developer: Finish Line Games Inc
Publisher: Modus Games
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 7
Release Date: 03/08/2020
Price: £24.99

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Let’s Get Rolling…

Skully Review
They see me rolling, they hating!

They see Skully rolling, they hating, but what they do not know is he is the hero of our story. Yes, he is the hero of our story and he is on a journey, so let us hear for Skully!

Skully is a huge adventure game that will be loved by all ages as you battle through different terrains and help stop a war between siblings over the Life Heart. You are resurrected by the oldest brother, Terry, to help stop a war between his siblings who all have plans for the mythical Life Heart to help their selfish ways.

They See Me Rolling

I do not want to be a BBQ Skull.

You will play a resurrected cute skull named Skully, a hero that rolls right into hearts across the world, as you help stop the world coming to an end. You must roll and dodge enemies of different sizes as they try to stop you on your mission. You will explore unbelievable terrains all over the island, all centered around the four main elements.

They Hating

Skully Xbox Review
My, be careful not to fall…

You will fight through stone and earth with Terry, the main character made of stone, who will talk nothing but about rocks and how much he loves them. Although he is made of stone his heart is in the right place, trying everything to stop the war and tension between his siblings.

Burn Baby Burn!

Skully Xbox One
Slow and steady Skully!

Be careful not to get wet or drown by the water princess herself the first sister of Terry, Wanda. She will send nothing but obstacles to stop our hero and Terry from trying to stop her plans at getting the Life Heart, and defeating and ruling with the ocean and rivers.

Woahhhhhhhh… The wind element is controlled by Terry’s brother Brent; he is a bit of a trickster and will send whirlwinds and wind attacks to push Skully off his mountain and down into the unknown. Although he is funny and will make you laugh, do not trust he won’t send a storm your way.

Clay Face Incoming!

Skully Xbox One Review
Me and my older brother, come at me!

Last is the deadliest of all the siblings: is it hot in here or just the fire princess with a temper and rage of an entire lava monster? Fiona, Terry’s last sibling, is not as nice as the past siblings and wants to destroy anyone who gets in her way from ruling with a heavy fist of fire and gaining the Life Heart.

This game is beyond incredible although some parts will annoy you as you can not just stay in one spot. It’s beautiful, full of magic and wonder and as you pass through, you will unlock new ways to survive the deadly locations which gave me a slight Crash Mind Over Mutants feel. You will get to turn into golems that have their own unique powers.

Jump Around

Xbox One Skully

There are a lot of collectibles in every mission but they can be extremely hard to find and I cannot lie, I struggled to collect them all, especially through the chase missions that do not stop so you have to be fast collecting the flowers. The chase missions are the missions I hated the most.

This game’s graphics remind me of games like Spyro The Dragon or Crash Bandicoot; the colourful backgrounds and locations make it mesmerizing to explore. You will also come across the most relaxing and catchiest music with such a beautiful beat making this game much more enjoyable.

Reach For The Stars

Xbox One Skully Review

The game comes with its own enemies such as the water blob that like to explode, getting Skully or the Golems wet causing damage. You have the tentacles that will slam or swipe at you and the exploding very angry rocks, and much more; explore and fight using the clay golems to defeat the enemies. Once again, this game comes jam-packed with tons of achievements so get hunting! All in all, this game was hard to put down; it’s got comedy, emotion, love and sadness and many surprises and shocks.

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