• Paper Birds: Part 1 Oculus Quest Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes This is the opening act of the story of the Paper Birds, a 20 minute experience that will transport you to the invisible world of intuition and creativity: The source of inspiration for all musicians.

  • walk-about-mini-golf

    Walkabout Mini Golf VR Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Putt your way through beautifully designed VR courses, collect lost balls, and unlock challenging bonus levels. Extremely realistic physics create the perfect challenge for hardcore golfers and casual players alike. Mini-golf has never been this fun!

  • Vader Immortal Episodes I-III Oculus Quest Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Step into a galaxy far, far away and experience the first Star Wars story designed exclusively for virtual reality. Descend into Darth Vader's mysterious fortress alongside new allies and encounter fearsome enemies, including the Sith Lord…

  • Down the Rabbit Hole Oculus Quest Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Down the Rabbit Hole is a VR adventure that takes place in Wonderland prior to Alice's arrival. You will discover a girl in search of her lost pet, Patches, that has wandered into Wonderland. Guide her…

  • Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Oculus Quest Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Get Your Aprons Ready… Things Are About To Get Messy! Set within the cook’s cabin of a fairytale forest, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is a wacky and whimsical adventure that challenges up to four players to…

  • Wonderglade Oculus Quest Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Wonderglade magically teleports you to an ever-growing theme park where you can enjoy carnival-themed classic games and totally new experiences with friends and family like never before.

  • Bigscreen Beta (Quest) Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes With most movie theatres around the world currently closed, it’s unsurprising that VR is the next best way to watch movies. Bigscreen VR is a free application on the Oculus Store that allows you and your…

  • Synth Riders Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Synth Riders is your freestyle dancing VR rhythm alternative. Lose yourself in the incredible music, enjoy the unique rail system, meet friends in the multiplayer, and become a part of the VR rhythm revolution!

  • VR Games to Look Foward To in 2020 and Beyond

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Recently IGN hosted the 2020 UploadVR showcase as part of their Summer of Games series. I watched the presentation and compiled a list of some of the highlights below. I hope that these games help to…

  • BoxVR Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Designed to give us back the fun we lost in exercise, BoxVR is the award-winning VR fitness game where you jab, weave and uppercut your way through workouts in time to pumping music.