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Journey To The Savage Planet Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Journey To The Savage Planet
Developer: Typhoon Studios
Publisher: 505 Games
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 28/01/20
Price: £24.99 – Rapid Reviews was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.


Welcome to the most beloved and yet extremely savage planet called AR-Y 26, you are a new recruit for a company called Kindred Aerospace, you have been sent on a marvellous mission to explore this vast, deadly world. While you will encounter some of the coolest looking but deadly creatures that will show no remorse if you disturb them. You will need to find parts to your spaceship so you can escape the savage planet and live to tell of your discoveries.

When you start, you are greeted by an AI who will explain your tasks through the entire game and an introduction video, from the head of Kindred. This game has a lot of comedic elements and you will be crying with laughter.

The CPU will ask you to part take in a funny questionnaire and after you will get to choose your very own avatar and the best part; every avatar has their own type of interactions from sounds and noises. I realised this when I chose to pick the dog and started to wonder where the dog noises were coming from for about an hour. Yep, it was my avatar the whole time which I found to be a hilarious little feature.

 Journey to the savage planet will give you a choice if you want to be walked through the game by the CPU from being a chatterbox, helpful and silent. I decided to go with chatterbox CPU, and I can’t lie I do not regret it. The CPU will respond with a wide range of funny lines and will have you laughing through the entire game.

Comedy is a huge part of this game, when you return to your ship a different video or advertisement will show and they literally the funniest parts of the game from an ad for a toy for kids to a weird creature made of meat to be your buddy. The game is a first-person action and adventure and you will have to fight all types of aliens, for example, the Pufferbird all though will not attack on-site if you attack or slap the creature they will attack you so be very careful.

An awesome feature in the game as you proceed you will collect blueprints and silicon which is used to upgrade your weapons and character. You will find the upgrade system back at your spaceship which is a 3D printer, you must also level up to upgrade further. You can upgrade through five different sections from Weapons which will focus on reload speed and amount of ammo you will carry, Items will be purely around upgrades to items you collect, gear will be focused on your character, Backpack will be focused on your inventory and visor will focus on your scanning and looking around and finding out about different creatures.

There are so many upgrades in this game making a huge fun, adventure. If you want to pause the game and quickly go get a drink or something to eat for example I am afraid you can’t even in single-player, so if you die you will be sent back to the very beginning and have to go all the way back to the location you was at before death. Wait?! It’s not all doom and gloom because this game has a fast travel feature which you will unlock as you proceed through the world so keep an eye on that.

The environment and worlds look unbelievable, so colourful and vivid that is extremely impressive especially due to the size of the team showing how much work they have put into this vast open-world adventure. There are multiple different collectables to find and search for and even though the game looks easy it will be a challenge finding all these collectables so good luck. A way to upgrade your rank and health is to find orange goo, looks a bit like a big orange egg, you will eat the goo and gain experience points and a health upgrade.

There are primary objectives which will focus on the main story and secondary objectives that will add more looking and adventuring around to collect and upgrade and make your character more powerful. There is so much to learn about this game, so I don’t want to spoil too much, but I enjoyed having a good walkthrough through this amazing open world.

 The game also comes packed with achievements; it also has an option to play co-op with a friend so you can go through the whole storyline and escape together. So, if you love games that have a space feel to them, action and adventures, shooters or anything along those lines I would recommend giving this huge open alien world an explore and find the secrets and survive the savage planet.

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