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Venom Sabre Universal Stereo Gaming Headset Review

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I seem to be in the ever-expanding hunt for an excellent PS4 headset, one that doesn’t cost much but also delivers on great sound and fit.

The Venom website states these will give you immersive sound and chat with hours of play available due to their comfortable fit.

Now to find a game that requires hours and hours of gameplay.

The Butcher of Blaviken

What better way to celebrate the new Witcher TV show than to revisit the classic Witcher 3-Wild Hunt, a game of over 200 hours, these headphones will need to be comfy.

Initially, I looked at the headphones and thought, wow they’re big, and they’ve got a prominent metal banding across the top that draws the eye more than anything else. However, they do have this lovely braided black and white cable that feels strong while being flexible.

A little further down that lovely 1.2m braided cable is a volume rocker and mute switch, which is plastic, in direct contrast to the striking metal and textured rubber surround.

The headphones have a distinct layering of materials, which is quite hard to describe but looks nice. The metal band across the top slides into plastic and rubber mounts. Which then have a second band attached and thin metallic cabling on a retractable mount. 

Finally, the headphones are a soft cushioned ear cup, which fit precisely over my ears and the inner banding self-adjusts to accommodate the fit. In contrast, the metal band keeps the headphones rigid and relaxed, unlike some of the full-body plastic ones.


I’ve spent a good few hours over the last week with these headphones on, and they’re very comfortable. More so than some others I’ve reviewed and tried. I think that comes down the way they don’t hug your skull so tight you can hear yourself think.

They also sound pretty good! They are a stereo based headphone, so none of this surround sound magic, but the 50mm drivers offer some excellent clarity in audio. I could hear the wolves howling in the background as I trawled the woods and the splashing of the puddles as your ride Roach along the roadways. This was both separate and noticeable as other environmental and sometimes conversations happened in tandem. 

One of the most natural things to miss is the microphone placement. Now it’s not in-line on the cable or so far out that you’re taking orders at a drive-through, it’s actually retractable. It sits on the left side and protrudes maybe half an inch, and when you need it, you pull it out and adjust as necessary. This mechanism is quite satisfying and aesthetically pleasing when you’re gaming alone, rather than in a multiplayer group.

The one thing I do wonder is how long this mechanism will last? I found if you accidentally tried to push the mic back in on the wrong angle, it would just get stuck.

These headphones offer comfort and a reasonable price point for a wired headset; they feel comfortable but are let down by the in-line switch feel and look. If you’re looking for something to put on for those late-night gaming sessions when the kids are in bed, or flip side when you’re in bed and the kids are gaming, they’re a great choice.

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You can purchase the Venom Sabre Gaming Headset from Amazon UK by using the button below.

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