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HONOR Band 6 Rapid Review

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HONOR Band 6 Review
An extremely smart band!

The latest fitness band to get the Rapid Review treatment is the HONOR Band 6. At £44.99, does this wearable offer value for money? Or is it too good to be true? Find out right here.

Key Specs

1.47″ Large AMOLED Screen
14 Days Long Battery Life
Blood Oxygen Level Monitor
Intelligent 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor
10 Professional Workout Modes
Watch Face Customisation to Fit Your Mood

Simple Set-up

Setting the HONOR Band 6 up is a simple process. You’ll be wearing it and tracking your stats in no time at all. Firstly, you need to download the Huawei Health app. This is a little confusing, but as I’m sure many of you know, HONOR is a sister company of HUAWEI. When the App has installed, it’s a case of pairing the watch to your phone via Bluetooth.

When the connection has been made, the App will look for a firmware update for the tracker. If an update is found, this shouldn’t take too long. Once the update is complete, you will then have the option to customise your watch using the many available watch faces. The App is also where you’ll find other options such as weather and notification settings.

Durable Design and Fit

The HONOR Band 6 isn’t the most fashionable product. I’d say that it looks functional. However, when you realise what it can do, you’re not going to be concerned about how it looks. What is important is that it fits very well and is comfortable, even after wearing it all day and working out. I’ve not had much luck with fitness bands in the past and often find myself getting a rash after a couple of days. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with the Band 6.

Super Screen

Reading the screen when exercising, no matter where you are or what the weather conditions are is important. Luckily, the 1.47” AMOLED display on the HONOR Band 6 is great. It’s easy to read, even in direct sunlight. I was very impressed with the colourful display, and the clock faces looked great thanks to this. All on-screen information and data are easy to read.

Plenty of Personalisation

HONOR Band 6 Review

Speaking of clock faces, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a basic clock face that just tells you the time or one that displays a lot of data, you will certainly find one to suit your needs.

Brilliant Battery

HONOR advertise that a fully charged Band 6 will get you 14 days of battery life with typical usage and 10 days for heavy usage. In my testing, I was able to get between 10-14 days. This is impressive, considering that some smartwatches/fitness bands need charging after a couple of days. In all seriousness, battery life should never be an issue as the magnetic charger will power you for around 3 days in 10 minutes and fully charge your band in approximately an hour.

Fab Fitness Features

The HONOR Band 6 has several sensors that provide a lot of information and data about your overall health and wellbeing. This includes; blood oxygen level, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, female cycle tracker, 10 professional workout modes, and auto-detects 6 workout modes. As I’ve said before, the fact that you’re getting all of this for less than £50 is phenomenal.

I’ve recently purchased a stationary exercise bike, so the workout mode that I used most often was indoor cycling. During my cycles, the watch would vibrate after ten minutes of exercise, which was a good way to keep track of how I was getting on and encourage me to keep going. The watch also feedbacks distance, time, heart rate, elevated heart rate zones and calories burnt.

As you can see in the screenshots below when paired with the Huawei Health app, you get a very detailed account of your workout – it’s seriously impressive.

Other Features

In addition to the plethora of fitness features, the HONOR Band 6 will display local weather, notifications, and control music playback. You’re also able to receive incoming calls & messages.

In Conclusion

The HONOR Band 6 is a seriously impressive piece of kit. When you factor in that it only costs £44.99, it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a fitness band that does many of the things that much more expensive watches/bands can do. The only thing it’s really missing is built-in GPS, but this can be remedied by connecting to your smartphone.

Rapid Reviews Rating

5 out of 5


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