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Heroes Trials Review

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Game Details

Title: Heroes Trials
Developer: Shinyuden
Publisher: Ratalaika
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Action
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: PEGI 7
Release Date: 25/01/19
Price: £5.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

What the Developers Say

After the banishing of the previous defender of your island, the community needs new heroes. The long training of siblings Elia and Zoel takes them to the last trials deciding who is the best fit to become the new local guardians. In the finals, they will have to compete against a sleazy couple and the clock to prove their worth. Rising to the top will not be an easy feat!


When I was choosing a game to review, the RPG Heroes Trials caught my eye with its qualities not dissimilar to Zelda and its promise of a game filled with challenges. However, what drew me in was its time-limit function on each of the missions, which led to a fast-paced game and upped the pressure, giving me a couple of hours of fun.

Gameplay & Replayability

The controls are incredibly easy to pick up, and the missions are not that challenging at all. You may die a couple of times due to trial and error, but overall, you can work out the solution in seconds. There were various mechanics to keep it from being repetitive; however, using Elia’s magic to trigger individual buttons or using Zoel’s shield to deflect attacks. I liked being able to switch between the two siblings to work out who was better for the task.

There was also a top-down section to one mission which made it a little more interesting. Despite the challenges being easy, the redeeming quality was the time-limit aspect. I thought it would be overwhelming at first, but in fact, it merely pushes you to get your brain working faster.

The issue with the challenges is that it does affect replayability. They’re so simple that it would be rather dull to play through the game again since you already know how to do them. However, the quicker you complete the missions, the higher star rating you get, so for any completionists out there, it could be fun to do a speed run and get three stars on each mission. There are also one or two achievements that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up from playing through the main story, so you could return to get those.

Audio & Visual

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the graphics in this game are pretty weak. They’re chunky and often garish, the colours and shapes are quite harsh on the eye. The dialogue boxes use the basic Calibri font which tells you the game isn’t exactly high budget. I did enjoy seeing the various environments from snow to volcanoes, though, and it was nice to experience that change in scenery. However, I think when the game is focused on challenges, the graphics don’t matter too much.

The soundtrack was exactly how you’d imagine an adventure type soundtrack, with beautiful instrumentals that match the environment, whether that be wandering through the snow or being attacked by bats in a cave. The sound effects were particularly satisfying too, from picking up coins to slaying enemies.


Overall, Heroes Trials is a neat little adventure game if you’re looking for some fast-paced fun to fill a few hours as well as some easy achievements. The missions could have been more challenging to satisfy those who love a good challenge, but this would have then affected the time-limit aspect, which is the game’s unique quality.

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

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One Comment

  • Millie

    I would expect the streaming speed runners would be at this game! This may (potentially) be more of a game for me, if the challenges are easier than Zelda (lol), although the time limit will add the pressure on! I look forward to reading more of yours posts Chloe (and others now!) On Rapid Reviews!!:)

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