• Before We Leave Nintendo Switch Review

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Grow, gather and manage resources to help your settlements thrive, and share goods between the hexagonal lands and planets around you. Relax and expand the fabric of your growing societies and create a solar system of…

  • [Lock-On] Volume 003 Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes We take a dive into [Lock-On] Volume 003, Lost in Cult's premium gaming journal, which is mainly focused on SEGA and its Dreamcast.

  • Alveole Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Alveole is a short project that observes a player in a restricted environment. Does it make for a fun game on the Switch? Find out here.

  • Rapid Reviews Summer of Tech 2021

    Reading Time: 7 minutes Welcome to the Rapid Reviews Summer of Tech 2021! You can find out about some of the gadgets that I've been using over the Summer.

  • Nature Matters Review

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Set off on a puzzle-filled journey to save the planet and experience a compelling tale of friendship, sacrifice and redemption.

  • The Game of Life 2

    Reading Time: 5 minutes THE GAME OF LIFE 2 is here on Nintendo Switch! This digital board game is an official, contemporary sequel to the classic THE GAME OF LIFE game. It offers more choices and more freedom every stage…

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    Four in a Row Review

    Reading Time: 5 minutes This is not only a well-known “four in a row game”. The new game - all sides edition is distinguished by the possibility of placing chips on the board from each of the 4 sides!

  • What Comes After Review

    Reading Time: 4 minutes What Comes After is a side-scrolling adventure and a heartwarming story about learning how to love yourself. Help Vivi in her journey on the train to the afterlife and back.

  • Road To Guangdong – Nintendo Switch Review

    Reading Time: 5 minutes On a mission to revive their struggling family restaurant, Sunny and Guu Ma must visit long-lost relatives in search of secrets that will bring diners flooding back. But it won’t be easy. The long trip with…