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Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks – Review

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When it comes to pop culture, nothing screams out collectable than a novelty item based upon our favorite video game, or movie. Whether these be ultra-realistic action figures, pint-sized cartoon-y imitations, or other merchandise – there’s always something that’ll appeal to pop culture collectors. The latest in this market of collectable figurines comes from Numskull Designs and is aptly named ‘Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks’.

Rubber Ducky

As the name suggests, Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks is exactly that. Numskull Designs have created a wide range of collectable rubber ducks that just so happen to cosplay some of our favorite heroes and villains from game, screen, and reality. Everyone from Ozzy Osborne, Superman, the cast of Jaws, and even the bio-hazards from Resident Evil has a Tubbz version of themselves that’s waiting to adorn our shelves and display spaces. At the time of writing there are over 100 of these collectables available, with plenty more designs coming soon.

Yakuza's Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu
Yakuza’s very own Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu

Much like other collectables, each franchise within the Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks range comes with 3-4 different ducks to collect. Regardless of your chosen duck, each comes packaged within its own imitation cast iron bath that’s emblazoned with the logo on the outside that depicts which franchise it comes from. Away from this and each Tubbz also has its own clear plastic casing which helps keep them free from dust. This also makes them perfect for stacking due to the symmetrical design.

A Slice of SEGA

In helping me write this review Numskull Designs sent me Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki, and Yakuza’s very own Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu. Considering we’re dealing with actual rubber ducks, each cosplay also resembles who the Tubbz is imitating.

Take Ryo Hazuki, the Tubbz version of the young martial artist features everything that makes the character unique. From his signature brown jacket, to stylish hair, and even the plaster below his left eye – everything is present with an impressive level of detail.

Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks - Ryo Hazuki Tubbz inside packaging
Doesn’t Ryo look cute?
Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks - Ryo Hazuki Tubbz face on view
Ryo Hazuki Tubbz is always ready to battle Lan Di

Meanwhile The Dragon of Dojima leaps straight from the streets being accompanied by the character’s stylish two-piece suit, and everyone’s favorite weapon – the pushbike. Again, much like that seen with Ryo, Kiryu comes with everything that makes the character instantly recognisable. Even the way these Tubbz sit within their tub is a great replication of the characters own stance and personality.

Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks - Kazuma Kiryu Tubbz profile view
The Dragon of Dojima never leaves home without his bicycle!
Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks - Kazuma Kiryu Tubbz back view
Ever wondered how a duck would wear a suit?

Soapsuds and All

For those looking for something different to the humble Funko Pop! or a NECA action figure, Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks is a great alternative. These charming rubber ducks are of a very high quality, and each has an impressive amount of detail to them. Considering the wide-range of video game and movies already covered – there’s a guarantee that you’ll find a Tubbz for you. They certainly look the part in any collection and make for a great talking point!

Rapid Reviews Rating

5 out of 5


You can check out the Tubbz: Cosplaying Ducks range via the Numskull Designs website by clicking here.

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