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Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia Review

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Fast Facts

Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia

Developer: WayForward
Publisher: Outright Games Ltd
Genre: Action & Adventure, Platformer
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 10
Release Date: 24/09/2020
Price: £34.99

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TROLL HUNTER… Embark on a magical fantasy of past and future in Arcadia, as you take on the evil troll trickster Porgon, and his vast band of minions. You are sent back in time and only defeating him will return you home and save Arcadia in this family-friendly platformer.

The Adventure Begins

Trollhunters defenders of arcadia
Adventure time!

You play as a human turned troll named James; this game takes after the Netflix series of the same name, but you will not need to watch the show to understand the story. Personally, I did not watch the show and I still understood the storyline. You are given a choice between two difficulties, Human (Normal) and Troll (Hard). Now the game is extremely easy, too easy which makes it exactly right for any kid. You are called upon by your friends, Claire and Toby, to help fight off some enemies when you are faced by Porgon, the antagonist trickster troll. He sends you back into the past, back before you were a troll. You must follow the tracks of Porgon and stop him from causing the Time-pocalypse.

Troll Hunter Meet Troll

xbox one trollhunters
A war between species.

You will come across multiple different enemies on your journey, all with different looks, skills, and abilities. You will use very basic combat to defeat anything coming towards you. Use the X button to do a normal attack using your sword and the Y button to throw a Glaive from afar, although you must unlock this first. There is also a charge attack which sends you zooming into the enemy and sadly again you must unlock this too. As you go through each stage you get closer and closer to fighting a boss, which is as easy as fighting off any other enemy.

Space Is Nice This Time Of Year

trollhunters xbox
In a galaxy far, far away.

Once you defeat the boss you will unlock them as an Assist: this is a skill which will help you along the way. Each time you beat a boss or meet a friend you will unlock them to assist you on your mission and each one is unique to the other. There are a lot of assists to unlock which can be upgraded so you can use them faster. Yes, sadly these assists have timers so you will have to wait to use them again. 

Hunt Or Be Hunted

trollhunters xbox one
A face off with the trickster.

Each area is different from the last, from Arcadia Oaks to Canal Bridge and even the Dark Lands. They are all different. The stages are very short lasting only around 5 minutes. Through each stage, there are three collectable groups. First, you will come across Dirty Socks…yes, that is right, Dirty Socks. You can trade these socks for an item at Rot & Guts Sock Exchange found at the Troll market and in each stage, you will have to find four of these socks.

Then you must chase after Gnomes, and these little mischievous creatures are hidden throughout each stage with a total of three. Once you collect enough, return to the Troll market and head to the pub to take part in an annoying minigame where you must throw the gnomes at a moving target. Find the Horngazel to unlock the treasure behind the chalk-drawn door, located on a rock with crystals over it.

She’s Got The Power

trollhunters xbox one review
Attacking from above seems to be their favorite attack

You can upgrade assists, your armour and buy items as you collect coins on your journeys. You can also earn items and upgrades to your health or powers by taking part in side quests. There are a lot of minigames to take part in to make quick coin fast. There are three different armour upgrades: Red gives you three extra hearts, Purple increases the mobility and attack speed by 15 percent, and Gold will summon the strength of Kanjigar, the previous TrollHunter, to aid against enemies, adding 25 percent damage to all attacks.

Winter Is Coming

trollhunters review
Your sword is the only weapon to keep you safe from harm.

You can be a Trollhunter and achievement hunter at the same time to get 1000 Gamerscore very easily and if you struggle then approach Claire, and a friend can help you with local multiplayer. Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia was fun, but it could have been longer, better, and have more to do. It was very repetitive but would be good for a younger age group as it is extremely easy to complete.

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