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Cake Bash Review

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Fast Facts

Cake Bash

Developer: High Tea Frog
Publisher: Coatsink
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 7
Release Date: 15/10/2020
Price: £16.74

A code was provided for review purposes.

It’s Cake Bashing Time

cake bash xbox one
Family fun for all.

DID SOMEBODY SAY CAKE? Cake Bash, the new cake bashing, topping shopping party game. Compete to be the most delicious, tastiest cake in the bakery, go up against bots or your friends, and make your cake exactly what the customer would love.

Are You Tasty Enough?

Marshmallow time!

Cake Bash is a family-friendly party of minigames and competition as you face off in multiple levels to be the very best. One of these minigames is Sweet Victory; you must run around the table collecting as many sweets as you can stick to yourself. But, be careful, your opponents will attack you knocking any sweets you have collected. Fight to be the sweetest cake and be careful of bomb bons and falling packaging as you collect sweets.

Fork Knife Gateau Royale

Get to the circle!

Fork Knife… Yes, a game mode that sounds just like the all-time popular battle royale, on here called Gateau Royale. Although, your aim is to make sure you are not taken out by falling cutlery or knives cutting through the shrinking cake. The last one on the cake is the winner! It can be difficult as multiple forks will be dropped at one time, and I got hit a lot whilst playing this minigame.  


Can you bake the fastest?

One more I will mention is Scones & Smores: you must have the most filling to bulk up the bakes, and you will only have around a few seconds to fill the baked goods. When refilling, you must be quick to match the circle or you will fall behind and take longer to gather points. The one with the most points at the end of the match is the winner. These are just a few minigames to name; there is also a mix of Snacks and Bash Time, two different types of minigames to complete.

Attack Of The Pigeons

cake bash xbox
Run from the pesky birds.

During the game you will win coins for how you place in the game. A few times during the game you will be introduced to the Topping Shop: you have to use the coins you have won to buy toppings to make your cake tastier! You can buy the toppings that you can see on the topping cart, or take a chance on the random gumball machine. But be careful as you can also get trash which you will have to spend coins to get rid of. Once you spend your coins a new minigame (Snack) will start.

Fight To The Top

cake bash
Survival of the tastiest.

You have the choice of the cake you want to be; pick between seven different cute cakes such as a doughnut, cupcake, and more. Each cake also has different customization so if you do not want to be a strawberry doughnut, be a chocolate doughnut, or any other flavour you want. You can also unlock new flavours as you progress through the game.

Cake VS Cakes

cake bash xbox review
Many things will stop you from winning the customer’s heart.

If you are not sure how to play, there is an option to do the tutorial. It will show you the basics and explain how the game is played. You can also earn an easy achievement by completing the tutorial. There are a few categories to choose from on the main menu. Get Tasty throws you straight into the main game, which you can play locally or online with friends or bots. Fight to be the tastiest cake! Recipe lets you play minigames you have unlocked. Collection will show you your progress, snacks, locations, cake bashes (which are also a different type of minigame), flavours, and your toppings.

Battle For The Tastiest Cake

cake bash xbox one review

Cake Bash comes jam-packed with twenty tasty achievements to unlock, with a thousand Gamerscore for you to eat your way to victory. This game was a lot of fun; the bots were a bit challenging at times but nothing a lollypop round the head could not resolve. It’s a great fun little game for family and kids! All in all, it could have been a little bit bigger and longer but I had a blast becoming the tastiest cake.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase Cake Bash for Xbox One at the following link: Microsoft Store

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