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Going Under Xbox One Review

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Fast Facts

Going Under

Developer: Aggro Crab
Publisher: Team 17
Website: https://aggrocrab.com/Going-Under
Genre: Satirical dungeon crawler
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 24/09/20
Price: £15.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Going Under is a dungeon crawler where most of the action happens underneath your new place of work. You are working as an unpaid intern looking to get your dream job but you are set the goal of defeating monsters instead. Each time your character thinks they are getting closer to their dream job they are then given another monster-bashing mission to do.

I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news!

We All Have To Start Somewhere

Your new boss sets you the task of killing all the employees of some failed tech companies. Make sure to do what the boss says, if not you’ll be fired! You have literally only just walked through the door so what a way to start your first day at work!

When you start the game your character isn’t very strong but it doesn’t take very long to understand what needs to be done. Better weapons spread around the dungeon can be collected along with collecting upgrades which you can combine with other skills. Doing this will make you soon notice that the enemies are much easier to defeat.

Workplace Struggles

I struggled to play at first and kept dying. I tried about five times to complete missions in the dungeons and repeatedly failed. Then I realised that in the menu before you load your game up you can click an option and change the settings. You can add extra hearts for health, extra damage dealt to enemies, lower enemy health and a few other bits. What a great option to have included for people like myself who sometimes struggle at the harder games!

If you are low on health and don’t have enough money to buy any health products in the shops you can still purchase them but it will put you into debt, in doing so a ball and chain are placed around your ankle to slow you down. It doesn’t take long to pay back the debt and is well worth it to get past some of the levels.

Hammer time!

Anything and Everything

The different weapons you get along the way are really fun to bash the enemies with; these include big mallets, pillows, swords, chairs. You can pick up pretty much anything in the level and use it as a weapon. There are also different apps that will help you out which give you extra health, invincibility for a while and discounts in the shop. There is also a big blow-up inflatable of yourself to use as a distraction so the enemies attack that instead of you.

Sounds so familiar!

Do Me a Favour

There are task missions set by your colleagues throughout Going Under. Characters in the game will ask you to help them out in different ways and by doing so this can help you unlock special bonuses that you can use so you can get through the dungeons with ease.

A look at a room with a power up in going under
Everyone loves a power up!

I enjoyed playing Going Under and liked the humour throughout. Beating each level was very satisfying, especially if you had tried a couple of times to beat it and had failed in doing so. I also came across no bugs whilst playing. This is definitely one game you can jump into at any time and play for hours just trying to get as far as you can. 

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase Going Under for £15.99 on the Microsoft Store.

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