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Numskull Games

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Anyone who is a games fan has heard of or should have heard of, Numskull Designs and the excellent official video game merchandise they create. Well, now it won’t just be their cool gaming gear you can wear. Numskull Designs is entering the games publishing world with the announcement of their brand new venture, Numskull Games.

In good hands

Founder and Managing Director of Rising Star Games, Marin Defries, will head up the new publisher. The publisher will be in great hands as industry veteran, Martin has worked in the games industry for over 35 years and has published more than 100 titles across multiple platforms. Some of the games he has published in Western markets includes Japanese titles, “Harvest Moon”, “No More Heroes”, and Deadly Premonition”.

“Starting a new games publisher that integrates with the infrastructure and vast reach of the Rubber Road group is a compelling opportunity. Their resources and know-how mean that Numskull Games has the ability to promote, market, and sell games that take us beyond start-up immediately.”

“Further, by collaborating with Numskull Designs and their expertise, Numskull Games can offer a unique proposition to game studio partners. We already have a raft of exciting projects that will be announced in the coming weeks. The team here are keen to recruit further game content and expand our plans rapidly.”

Martin Defries, Head of Numskull Games

New games

Numskull Games will focus on releasing new, exciting games to major digital storefronts and retail, as well as bringing existing, successful digital-only titles into the retail space. With their global expertise, resources in sales, marketing, finance and distribution, new games will be in good hands with Numskull Games.

‘It is a literal dream come true to be working for a brand new games publisher with a huge number of contacts, experience, and exciting things in the pipeline for it. Most of all, I’m really excited to see all the games from talented up-and-coming and already-successful indie game developers who want to pitch to us to potentially release their games on digital storefront and at retail. It’s really going to be an exciting opportunity for everyone!’

Ryan Brown, Numskull PR & and Communications Manager

Get in touch

If you would like the opportunity to have your game published by Numskull games, you can pitch your titles to them at

More information can be found at

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