SuperEpic: The Entertainment War Rapid Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes In a not-too-distant future dystopia​, a single videogame development company, ​Regnantcorp, controls an Orwellian society by enslaving the population with their addictive free game​s.

As a rebellious racoon, along with your llama steed, you’ll explore a surreal castle-like office full of enemies, challenges, secrets and corporate pigs.

Break into their headquarters, uncover the conspiracy and save videogames!

FUN! FUN! Animal Park

FUN! FUN! Animal Park Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Title: FUN! FUN! Animal ParkDeveloper: Nippon ColumbiaPublisher: Numskull GamesWebsite: PartyPlatform: Nintendo SwitchAudience: PEGI 3Release Date: 30/05/19Price:​ £29.99 – Rapid Reviews UK were very kindly provided with a review code for this title. What the […]