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Lucky’s Tale – Oculus Quest Review

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Fast Facts

Lucky’s Tale

Developer: Playful
Publisher: Playful
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Arcade
Platform: Oculus Quest 2
Age Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 18/11/2021
Price: $19.99

A code was provided for review purposes

The Fox Returns to VR

Lucky’s Tale was one of the first VR platformers, originally released on the Rift in 2016. Immediately becoming a mascot classically aligned to 3D Mario and Banjo-Kazooie style collection games. The story starts off with you being woken up as your best friend Piggy gets kidnapped by a tentacled monster named Glorp.

Lucky runs over a bridge
Collecting special coloured coins in a set time limit will unlock a special large coin.

A Captivating Platformer Awaits

The game presents you with level-based worlds through a book that allows you to page forward and back to the levels you have unlocked. Upon completing each level you get a point tally based on coins, gems, and enemies you stomp. Lucky’s Tale has replayability in it if you want to work on getting high scores and finding all the collectables.

Lucky stands on a platform with the arches of a house behind.
You can interact with Lucky by scratching his chin and patting his head.

A Return to the Classics

Each level is unique including various types of enemies and platforming difficulties. If you have played early N64 mascot-style games and enjoyed them you will be right at home with Lucky’s Tale. The levels themselves feel like floating diorama playspaces, where falling off the edges will result in Lucky’s life being minimized by one. 

Lucky jumps over four golden coins
Lucky has some precision platforming moments that require perfect timing.

A Storybook Adventure

Lucky’s Tale has a playful and colourful art style which makes the game accessible to younger or inexperienced gamers. There are some areas in the game, due to the VR aspect that can make jumping from platform to platform or landing on enemies’ heads difficult for some. I found myself struggling enough from time to time and either losing health or falling to my death. These moments are few and far between but are something of note if you struggle with jumping in 3D.

Lucky runs through swinging boulders that look like underwater mines
Dodge and roll past swinging blocks to avoid being pushed off the ledge.

Variety in Gameplay Design

Along with enemies in the levels, Lucky can also find hidden coins by ground-pounding piles of dirt in the ground. There are also places within the worlds tunnelling deep underground that lead to caverns that have enemies and coins and usually an extra-life for Lucky if he can make it to the end. 

Underwater - Fish surround Lucky.
An underwater level is surprisingly fun as its beauty and slower jump speeds results in new mechanics.

Jump or Be Jumped

Throughout each level, there are signposts that allow you to save your progress so if you die you get to come back to that signpost having still collected all the prior coins and gems. There are some areas that have puzzle platforming requirements. These puzzles can unlock alternative paths and hidden items within the levels.

Lucky fires bombs towards a target
From time to time Lucky will need to pick up and throw bombs at targets to unlock special areas or coins.

A Collectathon of Fun

Controls for Lucky include moving him around the levels with the left control stick. You can jump and double jump reaching higher heights. Lucky can jump on the tops of most enemies, some have spikes that you have to avoid, as well as taking multiple hits. Once you defeat an enemy you can get points and coins. Gathering 100 coins result in an extra life for Lucky. Lucky can also use his tail to flip over enemies and break blocks as well.

A colourful, tropical world
The world of Lucky’s Tale is colourful and inviting to play in.

A Quest to Embark On

Lucky’s Tale is a fun game and is a must-own on Quest 2. There are plenty of levels and variety within the levels. The game has a fair bit of challenge which will give platform veterans enough of a challenge in going for 100% completion and high scores. Lucky is a colourful mascot character and I hope this isn’t the last we see of him on the Quest 2 or VR HMDs in general.

Rapid Reviews Rating

5 out of 5


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