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Habroxia Review

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Fast Facts

Title: Habroxia
Developer: Lillymo Games
Publisher: Eastasiasoft Limited
Genre: Shooter, Action, Arcade
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 26/09/19
Price: £6.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title. *Currently on offer £5.94(-15%) Offer until: 09/10/2019*

There’s not much interconnectedness, and no story throughout the game, with just one level after another, and after you complete 5 levels, you unlock an endless mode, with 15 levels and 3 different endless modes.

The levels are all very similar to one another, but the levels do get harder as time goes on, making some of the later levels decently intense. One significant change between each level are the bosses. There’s one boss for every level, and they’re all different, give a different challenge, and you need to use various tactics to fight each one, with the final boss being one of the funniest boss fights I’ve fought against in awhile.

Each endless mode can also provide a fun challenge, and while there’s just three, they’re a very good reward for those progressing through the main levels.

The enemies in the game are also interesting, each with different enough designs to be quickly recognisable, each enemy not being hard by itself, but difficult when combined with other enemy types, leading to varying challenges during every single level, which you can combat with easy to understand controls and different ways to fire at enemies.

One way the player can change up each level is by getting credits, you can find credits by destroying objects or enemies in a level, and with credits, you can buy extra health, improve your guns, or make it, so you start with a power-up. The power-ups in the game you can find it the same way you find credits (and also extra health) and are all different from one another. The experience is backed by a solid presentation.

The pixel art leads to creative designs, both in the background and with the spaceship designs, and the music/sound design is lovely to listen to throughout the whole game.

The game doesn’t have much substance, but what it does have is fun. It might not be long, but it has good replay value. If you like shmups, you’ll like this game, and I’d recommend a buy if you want a small game to sink your teeth into to pass the days.

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You can purchase Habroxia from the Nintendo eShop on the following link,

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