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We’re a big fan of Xbox here at Rapid Reviews UK so join me as I talk you through this week’s news and releases in the Xbox family of consoles. This article is inclusive from 17th to 21st May 2021. Here I’ll aim to cover all the new titles coming this week on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Want information on Xbox Game Pass releases? It’s all here. Let’s dive straight in as we plunge straight into this week of all things Xbox!

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Day One On Xbox Game Pass!

A graphic announcing Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance on Xbox Game Pass
Sharpen your blades, call your friends, it’s about to get messy!

Xbox Game Pass is the gift that just keeps giving. Announced by developer Tuque Games on Twitter very recently, Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance will join the roster of great titles on Xbox Game Pass on 22nd June 2021. Players across Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Windows 10 PC and devices accessing XCloud are in luck. Launching on day one, Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is a third-person brawler set in Icewind Dale. You will be able to go it alone or club together with up to four online co-op. It’s important to note that the game will also be available on Playstation 4 and 5. Crossplay between console and PC has also been given the green light, this isn’t a game to be missed!

Xbox Is 20 Years Old!

A graphic of the number 20 featuring the Xbox logo inside the '0' with 'Jump in' written underneath
I feel old! Do you?

Xbox this week celebrates 20 whole years of its legacy! Xbox have evolved the face of gaming for the better with so many memories, magic moments and first time experiences. Video games have expanded hugely in the two decades Xbox has been around. Embarking on this next generation as a community, there is so much excitement. What is your most memorable moment in the Xbox world? The team at Rapid Reviews would love to know. Xbox is celebrating with the launch of limited edition 20th anniversary merchandise on their website with some other goodies.

New Xbox Game Pass Additions!

A graphic with the green Xbox Game Pass logo on the left side, and a close up of Rico Rodríguez from Just Cause 4 Reloaded on the right
Want to finish your backlog of games! Tough!

You know I said that Xbox Game Pass is the gift that keeps on giving? Well, it is giving even more as the final titles for May 2021 join the lineup. Red Dead Online, Just Cause 4 Reloaded, Psychonauts and Final Fantasy X/X2 are all available. With Remnant From The Ashes burning its way onto the PC collection of games too. Also very recently FIFA 21, Outlast II, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Steep also made their mark on the service. So if you think for one second you’re going to get your backlog completed then you can think again!

Rogue Company Season 2 Launches!

Is it Season 2 already?

I am really close friends with the developers of Rogue Company, Hi-Rez Studios. In fact, I scored this game a big nine out of ten in my review some time ago. Season Two of the game is now upon us as Rogue Company keeps evolving bigger, better and stronger. With an all-new battle pass system with lots of cosmetics and more to grind for, you better get going! There is also the introduction to all new rogue Mack. An unrelenting Justicar agent who will stop at nothing to bring those he’s charged with to justice. Rogue Company Season Two is available now on Xbox and all other platforms!

0-Degrees Launches On Xbox May 19th 2021

Wrap up warm for this one!

Already available on Nintendo Switch, 0 Degrees finally makes its way to Xbox. You play as a climber through this snow and ice-covered platformer. Traversing across icefields, frosted peaks and deep dark caves. Do what it takes to stay alive and survive, oh and stay warm! 0 Degrees drops onto Xbox on 19th May 2021.

Aerial_Knights Never Yield Arrives on Xbox May 19th 2021

Get your trainers on, we’re running into the future!

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield sprints onto Xbox on 19th May 2021. Here you’ll survive a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit in this 3D runner that tells the story of Wally. Wally has uncovered evidence that can change his city forever. Explore a game world with an amazing soundtrack featuring the authentic sounds of Detroit Artis. Put some comfortable trainers on, you’re going to need them!

Crossroads Inn Serving Up on Xbox May 19th 2021

Ever wanted to run your own pub? Give it a go!

Crossroads Inn is a real-time management sim set in an original fantasy world of Delcrys. Build and manage your tavern, make visiting adventurers happy, and your services famous all over the land. Play freely in Sandbox mode or follow the rich story in a Campaign. Grab a beer, kick back and serve some beer!

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares Creeping Onto Xbox May 19th 2021

Can you endure the nightmare?

If you’re done and dusted with Resident Evil Village then you may want to glance at this. Outbreak: Endless Nightmares arrives on Xbox on May 19th 2021, a survival horror game with roguelike gameplay. You will need to tread carefully as you explore, hunt, loot and fight the enemy. The undead want you dead, can you work your way out of the semi-procedurally generated nightmare? Only time will tell, don’t skip this one by.

Jay & Silent Bob Mall Brawl Launches on Xbox May 20th 2021

Who knew Jay & Silent Bob were still around?

If you haven’t seen the Jay & Silent Bob movies then you’re missing out. However they are back in Jay & Silent Bob Mall Brawl launching on Xbox on 20th May 2021. A full 8-bit retro beat ‘em up experience with big levels, big bosses, and irreverent references to the View Askewniverse. Mall Brawl can be played solo where you swap between both Jay and Silent Bob strategically. Or played with a buddy, in a co-op experience. Here you fight your way through mallrats, delinquents, and security guards to find your way out of the mall and back to the Quickstop.

Rust Console Edition Finally Arrives on Xbox May 20th 2021

Survive or Die! Fight for your life!

After all the rumours, countless delays and silence. Rust Console Edition finally solidifies a launch date, arriving on Xbox on May 20th 2021. Get your mates together, form a crew and do what you can to survive. If you want a break from games like ARK: Survival Evolved then this may be up your street. Focus on your hunger, thirst and basic survival techniques. Build bases, shelters, kill animals and tackle enemy gangs to keep on living life.

The Wild At Heart Launches on Xbox May 20th 2021

Complete the puzzles and find all the secrets in this cute title!

Well the 20th May 2021 is a busy day for games, isn’t it? Well, The Wild At Heart joins the line-up on Xbox this very same day. The Wild at Heart is a whimsical story centred around two children that escape to a fantastical land filled with magical creatures to befriend and an oddball order of guardians who’ve lost their way. Explore a beautiful, handcrafted world full of charming puzzles and deep secrets.

Cosmic Top Secret Arrives on Xbox May 21st 2021

Can you keep a secret?

“Cosmic Top Secret” is the weird, but official, term NATO uses for top confidentiality. A fitting name for this game since it needed military clearance to be released! Cosmic Top Secret won multiple awards for the innovative ways it engages players in deeply documented plots. The game even inspired the creation of a life-size event at the Cold War Museum of Denmark. Cosmic Top Secret arrives on Xbox on May 21st 2021.

Knockout City Smashes Its Way to Xbox May 21st 2021

Dodgeball anyone?

Xbox Game Pass comes bearing its gifts again. Knockout City smashes its way onto Xbox on 21st May 2021. Available on launch with EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, this is the perfect way to play without spending any extra hard-earned cash! Team up and duke it out in Knockout City, where epic dodgeball battlers settle the score in team-based multiplayer matches. Throw, catch, pass, dodge, and tackle your way to dodgeball dominance!

Rising Hell Lands on Xbox May 21st 2021

Had enough of roguelite titles? Of course you haven’t! Try this one if you’re a fan.

The last game on the list this week is Rising Hell. Rising Hell is a vertical platformer rogue-lite filled with adrenaline-pumping action and tons of heavy gothic metal shreds. Fight your way through hordes of blood-lusting demons and escape hell as you unlock new characters and talents to create chaos in the randomly generated and ever-changing landscape of hell.

What titles are you looking forward to picking up? Let us know on Twitter @rapidreviewsuk

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