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Tiny Hands Adventure

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Title: Tiny Hands Adventure
Developer: Blue Sunset Games
Publisher: Blue Sunset Games
Genre: Platformer, Adventure, Action, Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: Everyone-Mild Fantasy Violence
Price: £13.99 at launch. I was very kindly given a review code for this game.

What the developers say:

– beautiful 3D graphics

– collect different tools and weapons for Borti and use them in game! From sticks, through compact drills to mechanical arms and more

– fight with bosses – the elemental keepers are waiting for you to show up!

– slide, roll or jump your way to victory

– visit over 20 stages, set across multiple location themes

– try yourself in challenging mode after completing a stage and finding all collectables

– find out how the story unfolds!


Tiny Hands Adventure is a charming, 3D platformer based in the magical Village of Dinoburg. The main characters name is Borti, a young dinosaur who wants to be a good goalkeeper. Sadly, his hands and arms are too small.

To get bigger hands, he visits a magical floating fairy named Lady Florella. She challenges you to defeat different bosses in the 5 different worlds of the Chamber of Trials.

The game is spread over 20 levels in 5 different worlds. Each world is comprised of 4 levels, each a different theme and format. Every boss you defeat will get you a special ability from Lady Florella. Can Borti defeat all the bosses and have his wish come true?


Looks and sounds

In my opinion, the biggest strength of this game is how it looks. Excellent level design, vibrant colours and a big range of level types, look absolutely stunning in 3D. The levels certainly look and feel alive. Although the worlds are linear, the backgrounds are dynamic with objects moving around, strange creatures walking about, beautiful landscapes and skies.


I particularly enjoyed this comic book level. It looked just like a level you would find in Cuphead, which is no bad thing.

The soundtrack and sound effects are pleasant enough, although it does get a little bit repetitive after a while.

Gameplay and replayability

The first level is a tutorial and does a great job of introducing you to Borti’s impressive number of skills and moves. He can jump, slide, roll and flick. As I mentioned before, when he defeats a boss, he gets a special ability. You can use this to defeat enemies or to interact with different areas of each level.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the variety of level design. Some levels are top-down, some are 2D, and others are similar to the boulder chasing levels of Crash Bandicoot.

Each level requires you to collect a red shard. Collecting all of the shards in each level will unlock the boss battle.


I defeated a Hippo, the first world boss, and I was given a drill. Defeating the Hippo was, in theory, simple. Avoid his bombs, jump on the platforms, and then use your dino tail whip to knock him down. Frustratingly, I did find some explosions taking a life off me when I was convinced I hadn’t been hit.


The camera is a little awkward, I continuously wanted to zoom in and out, as well as rotate the camera. However, there was no option to do this.


Some of the levels are quite challenging, and some of the gems seem out of reach. For example, on a level early on, you have to jump off the map to collect it. This becomes a problem if you’ve only got one life left.

The game can get a little frustrating, as one touch from the enemies, and you’re dead. This game is clearly aimed at a younger audience. However, it can be quite unforgiving. I found once or twice that I felt I didn’t get touched by an enemy, but I still lost a life. Perhaps it was the camera angle?

Each level has parts that can only be accessed with Borti’s special abilities, and there are 5 colourful crystals to be collected in each level. Also, you can collect 100 pieces of meat. There is enough to keep you coming back to the game, and I will certainly be playing the game after this review.


The Chamber of Trials!


A fun, stimulating game that is charming and enjoyable to play. It does have its little flaws. However, if you’re willing to look past those, it’s a game worth having.


Rapid Reviews Rating: 7/10 Yeah!

Tiny Hands Adventure is available on the Nintendo Store on 17/08/2018.

You can buy this game from the Nintendo Store,

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