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Soundcore Wakey

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The Soundcore Wakey is one of the more unique products that I’ve had the privilege of reviewing at Rapid Reviews. It’s an alarm clock, and it has an “old-fashioned” FM aerial, a Bluetooth speaker, and a wireless charging pad.

What? No screen? No voice control?

The first thing that you will notice about the Wakey is that it doesn’t have a touchscreen screen like other bedside alarm clocks that are out at the moment. The Wakey has an LED screen that displays the time and other functions of the Wakey. You can’t speak to the Wakey or ask it any questions. I believe that this was a deliberate design feature, as this product is aimed at people who don’t want the distractions of a screen on their bedside table.

Wakey, wakey! Rise and Shine!

Setting the alarm on the Soundcore Wakey is a simple task. Using the Soundcore app, you can set the alarm, the frequency of the alarm, as well as the alarm tone. You can also use your favourite FM radio stations as an alarm tone.

Wireless charging

The killer feature of the Soundcore wakey is the wireless charging pad. It’s so great to be able to place your phone on top of the Wakey, knowing that it’ll charge throughout the night. I know that you can do this with a traditional phone charger, but I like neatness that having no extra leads brings.

Sleeping aid

Another great feature of the Soundcore Wakey, well strictly speaking the Soundcore app, is the ten ambient, sleep-inducing sounds it has. Using the app, you can play one of the sounds, or you can create your own mix. You can also set a countdown timer. I’ve used the feature on several occasions, and it did help me switch off and get to sleep.

Bluetooth brilliance

Here you can see that the radio is playing on the Wakey.

You can connect your phone to the Wakey using Bluetooth. The sound quality of the built-in speakers is superb! Even at the highest volume, the sound was clean and clear.


The Soundcore Wakey is an excellent alarm clock. It is packed with useful features while ensuring that it aides a good nights sleep.

Rapid Reviews Rating

You can purchase the Soundcore Wakey from Amazon using the button below.

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