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Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure Review

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Fast Facts


Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is a match three puzzle game. The player is given colored balls and must shoot them into the array above, matching the colors when possible. Fight through five different worlds for a total of fifty different levels and test your luck with an endless mode in Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure.

Are you ready?


The story elements featured in Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure are quite underwhelming. While there is a story mode, there is little reason to read the text. Rusty, the protagonist, is tasked with freeing the children from Cocco (the antagonist). In doing so, Rusty also encounters some other enemies. The enemies do not have personality. Not only that, but the gameplay was not altered based upon the story. Whether facing a rock monster or a bird, each boss fight was extremely similar. The story elements are not a reason to come play this game. Even minor story telling was hardly implemented.

Watch out Rusty Spout!


The objective of Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is to get rid of all balls before any reach the bottom of the screen. Matching three or more balls of the same color will cause them to fall. Additionally, matching three balls that are the only connection between the array and other balls will trigger a chain reaction, and additional balls will be removed. The player uses a cannon to fire balls of their own at the balls on the map. There are also additional features such as special balls, and blocks, which act as an additional structure for balls to connect to. While this seems simple, the game includes some strategy to ensure the player is stimulated.

Not only is it important to pay attention while playing, but the player must consider whether to target balls towards the top of the screen, to trigger a chain reaction, or whether to play safe, and target the balls closest to the bottom of the screen. The developers added another level of depth, by allowing the player to select between two balls instead of just one. The player can swap between the two to use the ball that best suits their needs. This gameplay loop makes sure the player acts strategically and forces them to understand how the game functions.

Battle Mode!

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure offers multiple modes to keep the player engaged. In addition to the basic story mode, the developers included an endless mode and versus modes. These modes help fully flesh out the game and ensure that there is a reason to come back even after the main campaign is completed. These modes function similarly to the gameplay in the story mode, except without the story elements. In these modes, the player can select from a variety of selectable characters, further expanding on the gameplay variety.

1v1 me in Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure.

To complete the story mode, the player must think throughout each level. Unfortunately, despite the strategy required to succeed, the level designs were extremely simple. While themes were present, the level designs were unrelated and did not correlate to the environment. Additionally, many of the levels were easy. The most challenging aspects of the game were the limited continues and lack of accessibility features. Although the game was not incredibly challenging, it would have been beneficial to feature options for players to complete the story mode with unlimited continues or with aim assist toggled. This would ensure all players are able to complete the game. While the gameplay loop is effective, the game was brought down by uninspired level designs and the lack of difficulty.


Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure also has an achievement system. The achievements are an additional bonus for players who dedicate their time to the game. The inclusion of this system motivates players to continue playing the game once they complete the story mode, as some of the achievements relate to other modes.

I wonder what the hidden one is.

While Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure offers many strategic elements, lackluster level and world building bring down the experience. Additional modes such as the endless mode will offer value for avid puzzle fans, especially if they are more interested in the gameplay than the level design or world building.


The music featured in Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is average. It did not stand out as incredible, but it also did not burden the experience. However, the sound effects were frequently frustrating. There would be childish cheering coming through at random times. Instead of inspiring the player to continue playing, this will deter them from proceeding, as the frequent cheering is annoying. Overall, the sound design was fine.


The visuals on offer were also fine. The backgrounds that changed after each boss fight were pleasant. The balls all stood out, and the colors chosen were colors that did not clash with each other. Red and orange were easily determinable. Unfortunately, some of the animal sprites the developers chose to use look poorly designed, and almost blurry. While some of the player sprites are underwhelming, the visuals serve their purpose.

level example
Stunning backdrops.

Additional Notes

The cannon moves incredibly slowly. The developers should have included a sensitivity for the cannon to allow the player to move the cannon more quickly.


Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure features fifty levels across five worlds. While the levels are uninspired and there is little theming to be found, the game will offer value for avid puzzle fans, especially at £6.29. While I may be biased because puzzle games are not my favorite genre, I did not enjoy the game very much. Despite my grievances with the game, it would offer value for someone who thoroughly enjoys puzzle games.

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You can purchase Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure from the eShop.

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