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Loot Hero DX Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Loot Hero DX Review

Fast Facts

Developer: VaragtP
Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL
Genre: Adventure, Loot Chasing
Platform: PlayStation 4 (Played on PlayStation 5)
Age Rating: PEGI 7
Release Date: 15/1/2021
Price: £3.99

A code was provided for review purposes.

Hold Left Hero DX

Ratalaika are back with another easy platinum for the PlayStation 4, welcome to the Loot Hero DX PlayStation 4 review. I gave up buying these games for easy platinums a while ago but I am happy to review one now and again for the laughs. Sometimes they can be good but, in my humble opinion, they are mostly cash-ins for people wishing to bolster their imaginary trophy cabinet. I was once one of those people, now I can take a step back and view them from the outside.

Loot Hero DX is a very strange beast. In fact, the game may as well be called ‘Hold Left For The Win!” I think, bar a few minor upgrades and level selections, you can just hold left and beat the game. While I say this and as much as this game is a complete trophy grab, I did not completely hate it. There was a small grain of enjoyment to be found in watching your character get further and further in each level as he levels up, after you have chosen a few upgrades and you just smash through waves of pixelated goblins.

No Story, Who Cares?

Loot Hero DX Review
I like gooooooooold and XP!

I can’t remember much from the small pixelated story segment at the start of Loot Hero DX but something about slaying a dragon was mentioned, I am always up for slaying dragon. Don’t get me wrong, I love loot and killing stuff but story and prose are not aspects people will be playing this game for. The game unfolds over 9 or so stages and if I remember correctly, the game ends up with you slaying said mythical beast. From starting the game to getting the platinum I think took about 15 minutes and despite the simplicity and repetitiveness of it all, I took some joy from endlessly slicing through enemies while watching footy on the TV. Weird, I know. You can loop around and carry on levelling up but let’s be honest, what’s the point?

Your character runs through each horizontal stage, running into enemies and depending on your stats will either obliterate them or die. Death is a mere speedbump in the road to the platinum though as you instantly respawn with no consequence. As you kill enemies they award XP, potions and coinage. At intermittent points in each linear stage are upgrade stations where you can funnel your bloody moolah into more speed, increased attack power, increased critical damage or more stalwart defence. After playing for a while it’s hilarious to see your character, who is like a mix between Usain Bolt and a jouster who has lost his way, pummel through stages in seconds providing screen upon screen full of coins, blood and retro, pixelated corpses.

Pixelated And Retro are Very Overused These Days.

Loot Hero DX Review
What there is more to this game than just holding left? Sweet!

Graphically, Loot Hero DX looks like most Rataliaka games, it uses that slightly overdone pixelated art style that everyone and their nan is using in games these days. I don’t mind it but it is, in my opinion, overdone at the minute. Pixel art and the retro style was a niche thing, now it’s all over the place. Musically, the soundtrack to Loot Hero DX is fine, one track specifically stood out, it was full of energy and I really liked it, apart from that it was average, if not amazing in any way.

I Can’t Recommend It On Gaming Merits.

Overall, as I said, while I did not hate Loot Hero DX, most people will buy it and play purely for the trophies. People will not be queuing round the block for it, people don’t care about the story and the gameplay is over-simplistic. I got a small amount of enjoyment from it while doing other things and the shiny new platinum was nice. I just struggle to recommend it on its gaming merits alone. Have fun people.

If you would like to buy Loot Hero DX, you can buy it here.

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