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It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains Review

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Fast Facts

It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains

Developer: Triangle Studios
Publisher: All in! Games
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 10
Release Date: 28/01/2020
Price: £12.49

A code was provided for review purposes.

IT’S INDEPENDENCE DAY IN THE WORLD AND ONLY YOU MY FRIEND CAN STOP IT! In this alien shooter, you are on a mission to save humanity from the blood thirsty, pink, sharp toothed alien menaces; their pink eyes will haunt your dreams. Although your mission is to take out every alien in your path, your objective is to get to the safe houses and start making your way to the alien’s overly large egg to eradicate the evil visitors from outer space.

I should have brought a bigger gun.

It Came From Space! Help!

Running through the vast worlds of death and destruction, you will experience places from the rooftops high above the end of the world, and watch the UFOs fly about attacking everything in sight. Enter through the clinic, maybe you can find some survivors, or the many bodies ripped to pieces by things of nightmares. Every room can be your doom so keep yourself ready for what could be hiding round the corner. Try escaping into the alleyways and dodge the pink monsters hunting you down in the dark; every side turn and road can be blocked so keep an eye on where you are going.

With too many above ground, maybe jumping into the sewers may be a safer bet, or it could be where you could meet your end. Running through the waste of the world, nothing will stop these creatures from hunting their prey. Take a run and pass by the riverside as you are hunted by everything in sight. From abandoned farmhouses to fallen trees, at the end of the journey you must face your greatest enemies in the mysterious, alien like cave. Will you kill the beasts or become their meal? Your fate is decided by how you play.

I am in so much trouble, yep.

If It Bleeds, It Dies

Through every level there is a different soundtrack, from an upbeat tune to something that would haunt you and your nightmares. Personally, I really enjoyed the music in the alleyways level; it was catchy but the fuel for nightmares. The way the game plays out with its dark atmosphere and creepy beats, it will truly have you on edge.

What are you exactly? An alien or a mutant slug?

Monsters Inc Meets Aliens

But how would I fight blood thirsty aliens you say? Well, look no further my aliening busting friends. GUNS! Yes, that is right there are a wide range of weapons. A pistol may be down your alley, small yet powerful, or maybe you like going load and proud with the shotgun, close range with a powerful end. Go automatic with the machine gun, the faster the better, or you can go galactic with the plasma gun, green shots to take out the pink bots. Go ultimately powerful with the rocket launcher, loud and can take out multiple enemies at once, and finally the space gun, the alien’s nightmare, the laser gun. All guns can be upgraded four times: MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4. But there is a catch; all upgrades cost credits which you earn from defeating aliens or finding them in crates around the map.

Aliens, meet my friend Mr. Turret.

Look At Those Teeth, Ain’t They Sharp?

Now you are probably wondering what kind of aliens you will be fighting. Well they are pink, have glowing pink eyes, glowing pink mouths and very sharp teeth. Hahaha, no really, I did not have a clue what they were called so I made up a few names myself. For starters the normal pink sliders are called Pink Pawns, and though they are dangerous, a few bullets will make easy work of them. I am not too sure if this game has a glitch or this is how the aliens are, but they are horrible and I hated them with a passion. I died a lot because of these, so I call them Pink Glitchers; they are also upside down making them hard to target properly and fast.

Then you have the baby ones that slide into your heart and TAKE THEM. They may look cute, but they are not friendly: I call them Pink Baby Sliders. Then you have the big daddy alien, which I called Pink Big Daddy. You have the crawlers which I called the Pink Crawlers, they are a nuisance. LEAPERS! Yes, these little monsters were a delight having me scream out Leaper as if I were Dua Lipa fan at a concert. They will crawl and leap onto you, taking your health little by little, so I called them LEAPERS. Speeders who like to throw their hands up in the air sometimes and speed at you like a cheetah. Baby Sliders and Headless Runners. A lot of nightmares ready to shoot.


Little Pink Men Little Pink Men Little Pink Men AHHH!

You will find destructible objects all over the maps, and each may contain credits or a power up. I have put it in coloured order of what to expect so blue is a med kit, pink is a timed upgrade for one of your weapons, green is either a shield, turret, beacon or mine, and yellow is a credit of 2500, so destroy and find so you can play and win.

Maybe it is time to run?

Take This Alien Scum!

There is a tutorial mode to learn the controls, survival mode to face against endless waves, campaign mode to go through the story, and if you do not want to play alone, you can play up to 4 players so you and your friends can defeat the alien scum together.


What Is It?! What Is It?!

I really enjoyed my playthrough of It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains. I earned a lot of achievements so if you are an achievement hunter, this may help boost your numbers. Thank you for reading my review on this pixelated game at the end of the world.

We have got this lads!

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