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Sparkle 2 – PS Vita

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Title:  Sparkle 2
Developer:  10tons Ltd.
Publisher:  10tons Ltd.
Genre:  Marble popper action puzzle.
Platform:  PS Vita
Audience:  All
Price:  This game was part of September’s PlayStation Plus free games.

What the developers say:

Superbly polished premium action puzzle gameplay
Spectacular powerups and special effects
Three game modes: Story, Survival, and Challenge
More than 90 levels throughout the storyline
Exciting locations to discover
Professional voice overs in story scenes
Soundtrack by the award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
Universal: Designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod


So I’ve recently picked up a second hand PS Vita, as I’ve been offered keys for the platform and have had to turn them down.  The first thing I did was head to the PlayStation Store and sign up for a month of PS Plus.  On offer for September was Foul Play and Sparkle 2.  I liked the look of Sparkle 2, so I downloaded it.  It’s a really good marble popping, action puzzle game.  Read on to find out my thoughts and opinions on this title.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is simple.  Match the marbles with a minimum of 3 of the same colour in order to make a chain, this never stops being satisfying!  Especially if you are able to create a combo of 12 or more.  Each completed chain rewards you with a rune.  Completing the circle of runes around your marker closes up the hole in the ground and the level is finished.  Matching 3 or more coloured marbles will stop the flow of marbles temporarily.


The game can be played with a variety of controls.  You can use the touchscreen or a combination of both.  Personally, I preferred playing with the thumbstick and L and R buttons.  Holding down the X button fires a line of light which acts as a guide.  You can fire the marbles as quickly or as slowly as you’d like to.  Firing quickly and accurately will create a combo which in turn will reveal power-ups.

Looks and sounds

For a game that is 5 years old.  The graphics hold up really well.  The visuals are crisps and the colours are vibrant.  The animations when the marbles pop are really well made.  The power-ups are visually pleasing.

The soundtrack is really good and wouldn’t sound out of place in a Harry Potter movie.  When your marbles get too close to the hole, the music changes and genuinely made me feel panicked adds to the tension of the game.  The voice-overs in the game are superb and the menu is really responsive and fast.


There are plenty of levels to explore in this game.  You are given options to move along different parts.  Once you’ve decided to go to the East or the west, you have to stick to that path until you get to the final destination. Completing so many levels will take you to the destinations.  Reaching the destinations allows you to collect the keys, of which you need 5, to complete the game.


Enchantments are an exciting feature.  You unlock them as you play the game.  You are able to change your equipped enhancements as and when you please, as long as you’ve unlocked them.  There are 8 to unlock in total.


Each level consists of random power-ups.  You can collect these by firing your marbles at them.  Each power-up has a different effect.  Some of my personal favourites were the backwards power-up which makes the chain of marbles move backwards.  This really helps when your marbles are getting dangerously close to the hole.  Colour warp is extremely helpful and will change the marbles to a certain colour.


This game offers enough to keep you coming back for more.  You are given your completion time at the end of each stage.  This is something that didn’t bother me, however, I know that some people would want to try to beat their personal best times.

The game certainly offers a challenge.  I failed my first level on Day 13.  There are a number of game modes to choose from, Story, Survival, and Challenge.

The levels are really rewarding because each one gets you close to unlocking different enchantments and game modes.  Having achievements pop up is also a very rewarding experience and will have completionists coming back for more.


Sparkle 2 is a fun, relaxing game.  The crisp visuals, coupled with the excellent soundtrack and voiceovers, make it a great game to pick up and play in short bursts.

Rapid Reviews Rating – Good  [yasr_overall_rating] 

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