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Infinite Golf 2 Review

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Fast Facts

Infinite Golf 2

Developer: Petite Games
Publisher: Petite Games
Genre(s): Sports, Individual, Golf, Arcade
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 08/07/2021
Price: £4.49

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Spilling the Tee

Throughout my years as a gaming connoisseur, I have ventured into many sports. We all remember the days of Wii Golf, and the tranquillity it possessed. You didn’t even have to be a keen golfer to dive in. Since then there has not been a golfing game that quite reaches a hole in one. UNTIL Infinite Golf, but more importantly Infinite Golf 2.

Released early July 2021, Infinite Golf 2 brings tranquillity alongside elegant landscapes, as you try your hand at some golf. There are four different game modes to explore, including classic, time attack, arcade, and for all those feeling extra competitive, multiplayer. This 2D golfing game, and its infinite levels, is a sure pleaser for players who fancy a more relaxed approach to a chilled out playthrough. With controls being as simple as two buttons, it’s an easy game to quickly pick up and master your putt. Venturing further into settings, you can track how many balls you have beached/ lost and how many holes in ones you have achieved, giving this game its competitive edge for those interested.

There is no story to tell through Infinite Golf 2, other than that of your own golfing abilities.  This game is currently only available through Nintendo Switch, but I couldn’t think of a better console to be the platform for this charming little game.

A dark forest foreground with the golf ball arcing towards the flag, and a mountainous purple background with a violet sky and crescent moon
It’s tee time!

Visually on Par

The very first thing that drew me into this title was the overall aesthetic that sits in front of a simple game. The calming visuals and landscapes in which you try your hand at a hole in one for, are above and beyond any golfing green you could set your eyes on. With 4 different scenes to escape to, Infinite Golf 2 stands out amongst all the other golfing games available.  The simple, yet beautifully bold, picturesque backdrops, ooze angelic peace. There is no way this game can be stressful with backgrounds as graceful as this, and it is very clear Petite Games settled for nothing less than a graceful outlook.

Alongside the beautiful scenery, this game is empowered by the mise-en-scene to carry through the peace and tranquillity Infinite Golf 2 sets out to provide for the player. Mini ASMR through the button clicks massaging your brain is followed by a smooth soundtrack filled with silence and the odd bird chirping. It brings a sense of peace and quiet, which every gamer needs to recharge. I cannot emphasise enough the essence of simplicity, and order this game brings. From start to finish, title scene, to settings, Infinite Golf 2 concentrates on the calm that every player needs.

A bamboo foreground with the ball arcing at the top of the screen towards the hole, and an orange mountainous background with a big red sun
A par-ticularly beautiful game.

Par 4!

As mentioned above, Petite Games have graced us with four game modes within Infinite Golf 2. So not only is there infinite golf, but four ways to have infinite fun. First up we have classic mode in which you aim to get the ball in the hole. Pretty simple but also pretty fun! The fun is in the title really; it’s never ending, and with classic mode, it makes it a nice game which you can easily pick up and put down without interrupting too much. I see it as the perfect game for travelling and preoccupying time, or sitting in front of the telly but want to keep your brain busy. It’s a nice simple mode to come back to, and takes away the pressure of everyday life.

Next up we have time attack mode, in which every ball which reaches its goal gives you more time on the clock, for more wins. It’s very addictive, and also quite the challenge. One thing that particularly drew me into this mode is, despite the whole game’s overall calming nature, this game is chaotic and chilled at the same time. It raises the blood pressure enough that you need to concentrate, without controllers getting smashed.  Arcade mode brings you more of a challenge with your golf as you have limited tries to get the ball to the finish. The higher the number the better the score. In this mode, you are essentially in competition with yourself to beat the highest score. Finally, saving the best til last we have multiplayer. It’s pretty self explanatory and you can play infinite golf but with your best pal.

A cactus foreground with the golf ball arcing towards the flag, with an orange night sky and pyramids in the background.

Asking for a Friend?

Immediately after playing this game, I had to tell my friends about it. This game isn’t just a golfing game. It’s a way to escape. Everyday life throws stress at us through all shapes and sizes, and sometimes you just can’t destress with a further stressful game. Infinite Golf 2, is what everyone has been missing from their library. A way to relax, unwind and get that heart rate down. Playing golf has never been this calm. I really enjoyed every aspect of this game, and as you make your way through the menu, and the gaming modes, it is clear that this game will bring you nothing but peace.

So when asking if I would recommend this to a friend? Without a doubt I would. It is a game that can contribute to your care-filled evening and can bring calm to what was once chaos. If you enjoy games that are easy to pick up and put down, and venture back to when you want a quick play, this is the game for you. At the same time, this is something that could be played for hours on end, as the simplicity of the golf provides an addictive approach, as you continuously try to better yourself.

4 balls flying towards the flag in a woodland stage, with orange mountains in the background and a blue sky with a fading white sun
Fly like a birdie!

Infinite Golf 2, a game for everyone, of every age, which brings happiness and calm as your escape from reality.

Rapid Reviews Rating

4 out of 5


You can purchase Infinite Golf 2 on the Nintendo eShop here

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