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i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag Review

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Ask any gamer what has the biggest impact on their gaming sessions, and most will say comfort. This has been the case with me for the past couple of years. Thankfully, the i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag and footstool has come to the rescue.


The i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag and footstool comes ready to use out of the box. I was happy about this as I couldn’t imagine having to fill the bean bag myself.


The i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag and footstool look like a top-quality product. The silver piping along the edges look stylish. Although the material is PVC, it doesn’t feel plasticky or looks shiny. In fact, it looks like a more expensive material, like leather.


After getting used to the correct way of sitting in the chair (yes, there is a correct way!) I discovered that the i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag was impressively comfortable. It has allowed me to spend many hours of gaming. I particularly liked the high backrest of the i-eX Gaming Chair.

This has been great for me, as in the past, I have usually had to stop after a couple of hours due to a bad back or leg cramps. The accompanying footstool adds an extra element of comfort.


The i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag and footstool is currently on offer for £79.99. I believe that this is an excellent price for a high-quality product that will make any gamer’s gaming sessions more comfortable and will ensure that you carry on gaming for many more hours. I’m off to do just one more level!

You can purchase the i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag on the following link,

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