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Everything Announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase

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The moment we had all been waiting for had finally arrived!

After months of speculation and rumours, the day finally came for Xbox and Bethesda to unite. After a lacklustre last generation, it is no secret that Xbox has been gathering pace with new projects and acquisitions. Questions were raised about whether we would see more studios snapped up. There is always the excitement of what is coming to the Xbox Game Pass also. If you missed the show then we have you covered here at Rapid Reviews UK. Kiley, Pete and Ciaran carried out a co-stream live during the event and you can check out their reactions in the video below!

Join Kiley, Pete and Ciaran for live reactions!


We knew we would see Starfield at the show but I didn’t expect it to be the opening of the event. Sadly we didn’t get to see any gameplay but we were treated to a cinematic teaser trailer. In Bethesda’s first new universe for 25 years, we will still a whole new open-world role-playing game. Seemingly set in the future and set in space somewhere, it looks incredibly interesting. Todd Howard then disclosed the key information that Starfield will be a complete Xbox exclusive and would arrive on 11th November 2022. Starfield will also be available on launch day on Xbox Game Pass.

Stalker 2

Stalker 2 was the next game to feature and boy were we in for a treat here. A five-minute gameplay showcase presenting some of the in-game cutscenes, characters and also the atmosphere. My jaw dropped at how incredible the graphics looked with this title. Stalker 2 also arrives on day one with Xbox Game Pass on 22nd April 2022.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood has been in the public eye lots of late and after suffering a delay recently, we have a concrete release date. That release date is 12th October 2021 and we also have confirmation of the game arriving on Xbox Game Pass on launch day. We didn’t see much new footage in this E3 trailer, but some PVP elements were shown here. The most exciting news for Xbox fans though is the fact that it drops on Game Pass.


Nothing but a teaser trailer for this one from the team who bought us Just Cause. When the curtains opened for this trailer I did initially think it was going to be a Just Cause title. It is a co-op smugglers paradise set in the fictional world of 1970’s Bayan. With this being an early teaser trailer I’d hazard a guess at this being at least 2023 on the calendar. It is very likely that it will be an Xbox Game Pass launch title when it finally arrives.

Sea of Thieves – A Pirate’s Life

I’m not a Sea Of Thieves fan by any means, but there is no denying that the game has come on leaps and bounds since its launch. Going from a barebones shell of a world to a title rich with content and things to do, Sea Of Thieves keeps building on success. Jack Sparrow and some other characters from Pirates of the Caribbean arrive for a crossover titled “A Pirates Life”. This content arrives to the game on 22nd June 2021 and is free for all players.

Yakuza Like A Dragon Drops Onto Game Pass

Yakuza Like A Dragon was announced as an immediate Xbox Game Pass title. Completing the roster of Yakuza titles on the subscription service.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 Gameplay Trailer

Perhaps one of the most anticipated moments of the show. The gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042 dropped and showed off a jaw-dropping three minutes of footage. Whilst it looked a little ropey in terms of visuals when it was live-streamed, watching this back in 4k is stunningly beautiful. Considering the gameplay was all pre-alpha, it sure does look incredible. Battlefield 2042 arrives on 22nd October 2021. Sadly the rumours of an Xbox Game Pass reveal for this game did not come to fruition.

Twelve Minutes

Another Xbox Game Pass title on launch date, Twelve Minutes arrives on August 19th 2021. This appears to be a time loop puzzle game featuring the voicing of some huge film stars rather than voice actors. It sure does look like something much different to the usual games we play.

Pyschonauts 2

One of the most unique titles ever produced gets its sequel in Psychonauts 2. The awesome news is that we have a release date of 25th August 2021 straight onto Xbox Game Pass. The action-platformer also had this new trailer drop at the show.

FALLOUT 76 – Steel Reign and The Pitt Updates

I can’t quite believe that Fallout 76 is still being supported and worked on, but here we are. Steel Reign is a free new story upgrade to the Fallout 76 world. The Pitt was also teased and is a free update that lets you travel out of Appalachia on expeditions.


An isometric eerie-looking adventure game where you have a family and a dog. Similar vibes to games like Inside and Ori this one sure looks interesting and arrives in 2022.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal

Halo Infinite is the game most Xbox fans would likely have been waiting for. We didn’t get much here but we did get to see a first look at the multiplayer side of the game which looks outstanding. It was announced that Halo Infinite multiplayer would be free to play and the whole experience would launch in Holiday 2021. No concrete date but we know it is coming this year. As for the campaign side of Halo Infinite, there wasn’t much information other than a glance over the game world.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

When I saw the Blizzard logo I immediately thought of Overwatch 2. It was not that but Diablo 2 Resurrected instead which was a nice surprise. September 23rd 2021 sees the launch of the remake on Xbox. After 20 years of the original being around, they have made this one look outstanding.

A Plague Tale Requiem

A Plague Tale Requiem is another Xbox Game Pass on launch title and is coming in 2022. If you have played any of the previous titles you’ll know how fantastic they really are. The hype is huge for this one.

Far Cry 6

We have seen plenty on Far Cry 6 over the past few weeks but this doesn’t stop Xbox providing another gameplay trailer out there. Far Cry 6 is launching on Xbox on 7th October 2021.

Slime Rancher 2

4 years after the hugely successful original title, Slime Rancher gets a sequel. Slime Rancher 2 is penned in for a 2022 launch and yes you guessed correctly, it is coming to Xbox Game Pass on launch.


A love letter to snowboarding, Shredders takes inspiration from snowboarding movies, the Amped games from the original Xbox, and the snowboarding heroes on social media. Shredders is a project fed by passion and built to shine on Xbox Series X|S. Also launching on Xbox Game Pass.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is an Open World Action/RPG, events of which unfolds in an alternate universe during the high noon of the Soviet Union. You are P-3, a special KGB agent, who is investigating the catastrophic event at Facility №3826. Another day one on Game Pass title!


A totally new game announcement in this pixel art RPG title known as Replaced. The art style looks out of this world and is set for a 2022 launch window. Play this one on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Grounded Shroom & Doom Update

The Grounded team showed off their latest update arriving on 30th June 2021. The Shroom and Doom update is free to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Among Us

We all knew that Among Us was coming soon and we still don’t know how soon this will be. 15 player multiplayer lobbies have been announced for the upcoming version. Among Us will also be joining the roster on Xbox Game Pass.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes JRPG was a hit on Kickstarter and was picked up by 505. Now we’ve got confirmation it’s coming out in 2023, as well as a launch window of next year for Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a town-building action RPG set in the same universe.

The Ascent

With a scheduled release date of 29th July 2021, The Ascent is coming very soon and we were shown a new trailer. The Ascent is just around the corner.

Age Of Empires IV

I was secretly hoping that Age Of Empires IV would be announced for Xbox consoles with controller support. Sadly this did not happen but we did see a new trailer for the upcoming PC release. Age Of Empires IV marches onto PC with Xbox Game Pass on day one on 28th October 2021.

The Outer Worlds 2

I personally saw this one coming but fans of The Outer Worlds will be pleased that we see a sequel. Though not arriving until 2022 it is exciting that a bigger and better second instalment is a day one Xbox Game Pass title.

Microsoft Flight Simulator + Top Gun Add On

After almost a year on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator finally gets a release date of 27th July 2021. Heading to next-generation machines on this date for Xbox Game Pass in stunning visuals. We were also treated to a teaser for a Top Gun crossover with no confirmed release date for this DLC as yet.

Forza Horizon 5

After months of rumour and speculation around the next Forza Horizon and its location, Forza Horizon 5 was announced. Set in Mexico and the surrounding areas, this stole my heart for the best graphics at the Xbox show by far. Driving its way onto Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on 9th November 2021, there’s a ton of fun to be had with the biggest Forza title yet.


In the closing moments of the Xbox and Bethesda show, we witnessed the big boss Phil Spencer take the stage. It was here he announced a totally new IP known at Redfall. The quaint island town of Redfall, Massachusetts, is under siege by a legion of vampires who have blocked out the sun and cut the island off from the outside world. Trapped with a handful of survivors against diabolical enemies threatening to bleed the town dry, choose your hero from a diverse roster, grouping up with others to create the perfect team of vampire slayers. Redfall is an open-world co-op FPS being developed by Arkane Austin and will launch exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in Summer 2022. Play it Day One with Xbox Game Pass.

Final Thoughts

Overall it was an outstanding show for Xbox. Solidifying their stance on Xbox Game Pass, locking in exclusive titles and presenting new visions and ideas. There were some notable absences from the show with games such as Hellblade 2, State Of Decay 3 and Avowed not shown or even heard. There were no studio acquisitions despite heavy rumours of studios being snapped up and even hints at partnerships with Ubisoft and possibly Steam. The truth is though, Bethesda being purchased by Xbox was a bomb dropped in the middle of September 2020 and didn’t need an event. Xbox can and will showcase more content as time goes along and possibly we will see more updates before E3 2022.

Xbox are also hosting an extended games showcase on 17th June 2021 at 6pm BST

One Last Thing…

The Xbox Series X was joked about when it was unveiled and many said it resembled a fridge. It then became a meme and a few celebrities including Snoop Dogg and iJustine received a life-size version of the Xbox Series X in fridge form. There was then a Twitter vote between Xbox and Skittles for the best brand. Aaron Greenberg promised that if Xbox won the vote that the Xbox Series X mini fridge would be created and sold across the world. Xbox won, and here we are, the Xbox Series X mini-fridge is available in Holiday 2021.

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