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E3 RRUK Predictions

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E3 is fast approaching and a few of the Rapid Reviews UK team have shared their wild card predictions and anticipations for this year’s event.

Joshua (Squashpickle)

It’s great to have an exciting lineup of events to look forward to. I’m pretty confident that we’ll see some in-engine footage of starfield and possibly a vague launch window. I love theme parks almost as much as games so my dream announcement would be the long-rumoured Planet Coaster sequel, possibly featuring Disney or Universal. As for Nintendo, I’d expect some more details on the Breath of the Wild sequel but I’m ironically expecting something new and surprising, potentially with a crossover akin to E3 2017’s Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle. For my wild card guess, it’s been seven years since we had a proper Mario Kart title so I’d love to see Mario visited by a few gaming friends in his next racing venture.

Stephen Warcop

My predictions are for the Nintendo Direct. First of all, I predict a new 3D Kirby game after developer HAL Laboratory’s remark that this type of game will be the next step in the series. I also expect to see a new Monolithsoft game. I believe it will either be Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or a new IP that they have been teasing. I anticipate it to be one of these, but, if not, then an X2 or an X port will another guess but those I am doubting. It’s been more than 3 years since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I doubt that every dev under them was solely working on the DLC or the remaster. I think Mario Tennis and No More Heroes 3 will both have very quick appearances of less than a minute. I’m almost certain that there’ll be a new smash fighter; possibly even two revealed. I think the Direct will end at a look at Breath of the Wild 2 with an official name. As a big fan of the series, as much as it pains me to admit, I do not think we will see Pikmin 4.

Ciaran McGinn

As an Xbox loyalist, my most anticipated conference is of course the Xbox/Bethesda joint conference. I’m always keen to see what Xbox is going to do next, and what games and studios they are bringing with them into the future. Plus, Bethesda has a ton of great IP’s under their belt, so I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m eager to see what they’ve got in store for us over the next few years. A central part of the E3 experience is the journey. On that journey, we are always given brief teasers and hints that allude to the fact this or that game/studio will be in attendance. So while predicting certainty is inherently paradoxical, I still think we’ll see a substantial amount of Halo Infinite. As a fan of the franchise, I’m always excited to see it return (even when it strays too far from its roots). But with the delay of Halo Infinite and months of development updates, I think it goes without question that Microsoft will want to show off the next instalment of their iconic franchise. But if we are talking about might’s and maybes, I could pick from a variety of things laying dormant in gaming limbo; you know, like Splinter Cell or a Star Wars: Republic Commando sequel. While these would be amazing to see at this years E3, my eyes are fixed on Mordor, or more specifically the Shadow of Mordor series of games. We already know that Warner Bros are going to be there, so to see some form of successor to Middle Earth: Shadow of War – with an improved nemesis system, combat, and some other unknown goodies – would blow my mind. It’s a long shot I know, but I adore Lord of the Rings, and running around as Gollum isn’t exactly what I had in mind when wanting to return to Middle Earth.


As a Forza fan, I’ve been without a new entry since Horizon 4. That makes it pretty certain that we will see gameplay of the new Forza Motorsport. Other things I expect from Xbox is an acquisition, probably Crytek or part of WB games/Rocksteady, announcing more Japanese games coming to Game Pass like Persona 5 Royale, and maybe even a partnership with Ubisoft to include Ubisoft + in Game Pass Ultimate. I also expect Ubisoft to announce new tiers for its subscription, and more info about the next Rainbow Six game. Capcom will also probably do another RE anniversary crossover with another game and announce DLC for RE Village. Square Enix will most likely have something for the Tomb Raider anniversary like a Remastered classic collection. My wildcard pick is Bethesda showing Starfield gameplay and a release date of later this year!

Jonathan Ober

I’m most anticipating the Nintendo Direct as there’s a lot of Summer/Fall/Winter 2021 releases that we still don’t know about. Also the will they/won’t they of Nintendo Switch Pro still looms. I personally would love another Pikmin game, and would like to see more than a logo when it comes to Metroid 4 and Breath of the Wild 2. I also think that we will get some huge VR third-party AAA coverage that no one is expecting from more studios than just the previously revealed Ubisoft titles. I anticipate more PSVR/PCVR/Oculus titles that are AAA games that will stretch VR in ways yet seen, or only currently pulled off by small dev teams. These games will help strengthen the already growing VR market into 2022. Also, I think Nintendo will reveal a Kid Icarus game (even though I am out of it with regards to that series). Finally, I think we’ll see a rebirth of Castlevania 2D games.

Joseph Barrood

As I dedicate much of my gaming to my Switch, I am most excited for the Nintendo Treehouse as well as the indie showcase. I’m also looking forward to the Ubisoft Forward, as I play a decent amount of Brawlhalla. There are so many things to be excited about. I’m excited about the Ubisoft event. It has already been announced that a Brawlhalla crossover skin will be showcased. As much as I want characters from Regular Show, I think it will be a crossover fighter from a different Ubisoft game mentioned in the event. I also think we will hear some Silk song news in the indie showcase as well as a release window for BOTW 2 in the Nintendo Treehouse. My wild card guesses for what will happen over E3 would be another kart racer in the Nintendo universe. (F-Zero, Kirby Airride, DK Barrel Blast, Mario Kart 9/Double Dash Remaster) I hope to see at least one of these happen!

Jordan Campbell

My predictions are wholly based on the E3 Xbox and Bethesda event. I predict we will see an uncovering of Halo Infinite progression and what changes have been performed. I also think we will see a multiplayer trailer with an open BETA date which is free to all on Xbox. I feel this a certainty. Bethesda will show us more of what Starfield is about and indications of when the game will launch. I also predict that there will be some sort of integration with Ubisoft and Xbox Game Pass, a possible Hideo Kojima partnership and also the possibility of Battlefield 2042 coming to Xbox Game Pass. My wild card guess would be an Xbox partnership with either Steam/Valve and Nintendo.


So there we have it, our predictions for E3 and there’s not long to wait until we see what comes into fruition. Rapid Reviews UK is on the official media list this year so stay tuned as we bring you the latest announcements. And why not let us know on Twitter ( @rapidreviewsuk ) what you’re expecting to see.

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