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Title:  Destruction
Developer:  Rising Win Tech
Publisher:  COSEN
Genre:  Isometric Shooter, Adventure, Shooter, Action
Platform:  Nintendo Switch
Audience:  Action fans
Release Date:  Out Now
Price:  £8.09 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review copy for this game.

What the developers say

Be part of special forces and fly around the world!

International secret organization H has planned terrorist attacks in various places throughout the world in order to destroy world order.

Elite organized special forces have been gathered from all over the world to stand up, stop the terrorists and protect order!

However, as they take action, smart movements such as “Project X” and “clone humans” gradually come to light.

Clear various missions

There are all kinds of missions.

There are missions that demand various kinds of skills, such as oppressing the enemy forces, capturing bases, and protecting important people.

Understand the aim and clear your missions with quick judgment.

Unique special abilities
Each character possesses a unique special ability.

You can create various strategies by combining these uniquenesses.

By raising and changing the equipment of each character, you can increase the number of situations that they can shine in.

Save the world with teamwork! Up to four people can play!

Up to four people can play this game.
Each player can make use of their own special abilities and help one another out to complete the mission


Destruction is a quirky little shooter, with some awkward single player mechanics. Ideally played with a duo or up to four players, you’ll play the role of some secret agents with special abilities. There’s a bounty of unlockable characters and weapons on offer if you’re willing to put in the grind. Played out over six countries containing 35 levels you’ll travel the world and shoot lots of bad guys in the face.

Looks and Sounds

The whole thing has a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s feel about it. The graphics are ok, nothing spectacular in either character design, not level design. You’ll cover South African deserts, North American parks, and loads of other places loosely based on the country you’re in. Enemies are all the same basic army guy look with little variance from level to level. The characters you’ll have to choose from to build your team all have unique looks but more on those guys n gals later.

The game is backed up by a rock soundtrack that has a bit of a militaristic feel to it. The weapons all go rat-a-tat-tat and explosions let out a meek boom.

Gameplay and Replayability

The basic premise is to complete each prescribed mission and shoot everything in your path. As a solo player, you will have control over each member of your four-person team. Add more bodies, up to four players, and you’ve got a nice little bit of couch co-op. As is in vogue right now, each character has unique abilities such as flashbangs to stun the enemy, a health boost for the nearest player, extra damaging bullets and a variety of shields. There are more, but you need to complete levels to unlock the rest of the cast.

Mission structure revolves around killing everyone, finding and capturing an objective, defending an objective, surviving and some little bits of capture the flag. Each level is a small maze and goals need to be completed within a time limit. Usually around 6 minutes, so it’s perfect for short bursts while you travel.

When you are enjoying a little mission, you shoot with the A button and specials are set to X and Y. Characters can be quickly selected with a tap of L or R oh, and of course movement is on the left stick. Big buttons on the screen remind you of what’s equipped to what so it’s easy to keep track on the reasonably clear UI. As a solo player, you can switch between any character at any time, but it can feel a little clunky. However, it is essential because the AI won’t make use of each character’s s special ability.

At the end of every sortie you get a little bit of cash and some resources you need to use for upgrades. If you remember to check the achievement list on the home screen you can trade them in for additional credit making things a little easier to purchase.

You get a little boss fight every now and again which dwindles into seeing how long you need to kite him before he falls over dead.

Actually finishing a level isn’t all that difficult because even if you die, that person will just respawn at the base marker. Some levels run on a one life system such as boss battles and survival, so these can be a little harder as you try to juggle each character and make use of their skills.

Replayability wise, you can go back and do all the missions. Do that, and you will earn extra currency to power up all of those weak weapons. Seriously, everything does so little damage it feels like you’re shooting at things with frozen peas. Thankfully if everyone’s focussed on the same guy, they go down quickly, but it’s not the same one on one.


It’s not the most adventurous title, it’s not all that solid but in short bursts its good fun. Everything loads so quickly it feels perfect for short journeys and lunch breaks. It has all the hallmarks of a mobile game, but it’s one I’d happily play. If you’re looking for some bright and breezy shooter gameplay that isn’t overly taxing then jump in and give it a go.

One additional note, I want to say a massive thanks to the team at COSEN. I ran into a bug early in the game that halted my progress, and they did everything they could to figure out what had gone wrong. A bit of jiggery-pokery and I managed to get it working again. I was impressed by the team’s desire to understand the bug and get it fixed. Keep up the good work folks!

Rapid Reviews UK Rating

3 out of 5

You can purcahse Destruction on the Nintendo eShop at the following link,

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