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Nintendo Switch Lite Review

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is exactly as the title implies, a lite Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch Jr. Dedicated to handheld play, this compact console is certain to provide the excitement and fun the regular Switch offers, especially for the on-the-go gamers. My Rapid Review will inform the differences between the two consoles and dive deep into this new take on the beloved system.

What is the difference between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Switch Lite has been optimised for the gamers who play on the go or prefer a more concise experience. Switch Lite has a streamlined and sturdier design as well as improved battery life for up to seven hours, necessary for being away from the TV. On the left side of the console, the four direction buttons that used to be separate are now combined to make an excellent and functional directional pad.

However, as a smaller Switch, it comes with a few downgrades. As this console is fixated for traversal means, it cannot connect to a TV or Switch Dock, ultimately defeating the ‘Switch’ concept. Also, the Lite does not come with Joy-Cons as the left and right controllers are not detachable, making the Switch Lite one whole console, meaning that games requiring Joy-Cons will require an additional purchase of the two pads. There is also no kickstand on the back since the Lite is a handheld console, but this isn’t one of the only built-in features that have been removed, such as the HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera.

The Lite is more lightweight compared to its counterpart, hence its name. The regular Switch is approximately .88 Ibs with the controllers attached, whilst the Lite is approximately .61 Ibs alone. The touch screen size for the original Switch is 6.2″ whereas the Lite has a 5.5″ touch screen.

Which Switch games are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite?

On the cover for a Switch game, or in the eShop information section, there is an icon of a Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Cons attached. This icon means that the game you are buying is compatible with handheld mode, or a Switch Lite. Therefore, the majority of Switch games should work with the Switch Lite. However, games that require Joy-Cons, such as 1-2 Switch, will require you to buy two separate controllers to be connected wirelessly. In addition to that, you will need to buy a charging device.

If the Switch Lite is lighter, will battery drain faster?

The Switch Lite battery life has been improved by up to 7 hours, so it should work as flawlessly as the original. The battery life for the Lite will vary depending on the game being played, for example, it will last around 4 hours when playing Zelda Breath of the Wild.

What are the price differences? Is the Switch Lite cheaper?

The original Switch comes with a lot of features, not to mention its incredible flexibility for gaming needs, ranging it at around £300. However, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a considerable amount of features removed, and its miniature build is essentially a more compact experience, pricing it around £200, approximately £100 cheaper.

Account Linking

Nintendo makes their products as simplistic as possible whilst remaining astonishingly intuitive. If you already own the flagship Nintendo Switch, all you need to do is go through the account transfer system and all of your purchases and data should carry on over to your new console.

By transferring your old data to the new console, your profile and data will be carried over. Furthermore, any eShop purchases will not be downloaded but will remain as ‘ready to install’ in the eShop, so you needn’t worry about SWITCHing over.


The standard Switch is black with multiple colour choices for the Joy-Cons. However, the Joy-Cons are no longer detachable with the newer version, therefore the entire console comes in different colours with a few already available, turquoise, grey, yellow and a Pokémon Edition.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Switch Lite is a considerable downgrade when comparing it to the original, but as a standalone console, it’s an irresistible offer. Not only is it considerably cheaper, but it is a perfect choice for players who enjoy the Switch aesthetic but are tailored to an outdoor experience. Plus, it’s tightly packed build makes it easy to carry around and less strain for the player.

Since the Lite doesn’t differentiate from the Switch in terms of getting in some good playtime, no matter where you are, this console is a must-have.

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