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Gravity Duck Review

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Game Details

Title: Gravity Duck
Developer: Woblyware
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle
Platform: PS4, PS Vita
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 14/08/10
Price: £3.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title.

Some of the most addictive games have been based on birds, Angry Birds, Flappy Birds, and Duck Hunt. Now the latest bird-themed title, Gravity Duck, will be put to the test.

Gravity Duck has an incredibly simple story. You need to collect the golden eggs. Golden eggs can be found at the end of every level. It’s simplistic and makes just about as much sense as a game about a Gravity Duck can be.

What isn’t so simple, is the platforming. See, Gravity Duck can’t jump, but can only swap gravity, and you can’t swap mid-air. That, and there’s so many spikes, pitfalls, and enemies between you and the eggs. The game continually adds new obstacles throughout the entire game. However, the game isn’t very long and took only a small few hours to beat, similar to a mobile game, but on the console.

The game’s level design is very fair, with good consistent difficulty increases as you go on. There were a few times though where I felt like my death was unfair, usually due to spikes being right off the screen that I didn’t know to avoid. This wasn’t a huge issue though, as it was very infrequent and when you die you instantaneously respawn, like Super Meat Boy. Unlike Super Meat Boy, this game isn’t very hard, on my playthrough, I died a handful of times, but it never felt hard.

The presentation of the game is mostly just fine. The pixel art-style is cute and gets the details across well, and the cover art is very adorable (it has a duck, how could it not be). The music was charming enough that it never became grating as I got farther through the game.

The game was a quick fun little experience that I may go through again in the future. I enjoyed my playthrough. However, there just wasn’t enough substance to the game to make it any better than just “fine, and a bit of fun”.

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You can purchase Gravity Duck from the PlayStation Store on the following link,

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