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Blabbi Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Cardboard-Based Characteristics


Publisher: Blabel LLB
Genre(s): Word game, story, bluffing
Release Date: 2022
Game Time: 30 minutes
Number of Players: 3-8
This board game was provided for review purposes by the publisher

What a Load of Waffle!

Ever wanted to play Scrabble but would rather make up your own rude and uncanny words? Have you ever tried to sneak a word onto the board and make up some irreverent meaning for it? Blabbi may be the game for you.

Blabbi is scrabble but anything goes, as long as you can give good reasoning and can literally blab your way through what your word means, then you’re golden. We played recently and laughed all the way through, it was a rip-roaring, word-bending, good time!

Blabbi cards and box
Blab, Blab, Blab your way to Victory!

Words and Weird, Weird Stories

In Blabbi, much like Scrabble, you have a set of letters and must make a word out of them. The difference here though is that they don’t have to be real words, I know, mad right? Along with your letters you also have three category cards, these cards will be used when you have made your word and have to argue its case to your fellow players.

When it’s your turn, you must make a word, assign a category to it and fit it into the already placed words crossword style. Everyone around the table must then vote whether to let your word score or not. If the majority of the votes are yes, you score, otherwise you have a chance to answer questions and further clarify, or blab your way to describe what your word is.

This may sound strange and to be fair, it initially was. After a few words though, after people start loosening up over the quite fluffy rules, Blabbi does start to shine. I was looking at my letters and my categories and making up funny words and little stories to accompany them if required. I found it very refreshing for a word game and it really got my creative juices flowing.

Blabbi rubber cubes making made up words with Blabbi cards placed around them
Weird and Wonderful Words!

It Can Descend into Crudeness, I Am Here for That!

For example, trying to keep it clean as most of our game was filthy, I had a category called ‘Prequels’ and it was worth a lot of points. After a little deliberation, I used the letters ‘BYF’ and said it was the prequel to the Rocky movies as I often like to ‘byf’ people around the head when they get annoying. There was a superpower called Quadmilf, which I will let you think for yourself what that does, haha. Oh, also I had an art movement called Tirdmumz, which as you can imagine, my explanation was hilarious. It involved dragging your mother to an art gallery and giving her lots of laxatives.

From a component perspective, Blabbi is light. It’s just some cards and letters. What I will say though is that the letters are made of a lovely rubber material and feel great in your hands. For what you get, the components in Blabbi work and are quality.

Great for the Right Group

In summary then, while Blabbi may not be for everyone, for a rude, imaginative and creative group that just want to have fun, it can be hilarious and extremely entertaining. For a group that needs a more focused, rigid board game though, this may not be the one you’re looking for. We bloody loved it! (The alcohol may have helped too).

Rapid Reviews Rating

3.5 out of 5

You can get your copy of Blabbi today.

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