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Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown

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With the pandemic still ongoing and the likelihood of another lockdown on the way, free time has become a time well spent with gaming. Giving us a chance to escape the boredom of staring at paint drying and wearing the same set of PJ’s for 5 days in a row, we’ve been spending our time catching up on tons of new games we might have missed, particularly on mobile.

Mobile games are always getting better it seems, and each month brings a whole host of new titles to try out on the portable platform. We’ve taken a look at what’s out there and pulled together a few titles we think you should try out if you find yourself stuck at home.

Alien: Blackout

Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown
Probably not!

You can never keep a good Xenomorph down, and with the thrilling Alien: Isolation likey on many replay lists for October, it’s a good excuse to try the terrifying adaptation for mobile. An entirely new chapter in the story of extraterrestrial monsters that have become horror icons, Blackout is set between the first and second film and sees the return of Amanda Ripley.

The no-nonsense daughter of the franchise’s beloved Ellen Ripley, Amanda must survive a new alien threat with the use of a holographic map, ship-wide surveillance camera and of course, a motion tracker. Taking tips from the Five Nights at Freddy’s titles, this is one for the bravest of players out there.

Pokémon Café Mix

Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown
It’s all fun and games until cleanup time

A bit more a lighter, happier and slightly less horrifying pick, Pokémon Café Mix brings the lovable critters into their own eatery. Ignoring how unlikely it is that a Pokémon carries cash with it and how profitable a venture that a café exclusively for them may be, the game is a fun and adorable puzzler that tasks players with preparing dishes and drinks for fan favourite characters. The better the food you prepare, the more friends and bigger your business can grow, you can even recruit Pokémon to help out!

Genshin Impact

Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown
Style and substance together at last

Hey, you got gacha in my RPG! Inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s free form open-world romp, Genshin Impact is an exciting look at what mobile games are capable of in 2020. Excellent visuals and fast-paced, challenging gameplay are supported by a host of distinct and powerful team members that make the journey across this fantasy open world a great deal more entertaining. It has made waves across many different gaming circles, becoming one of the biggest global launches of a Chinese game ever, so a worthy title to check out.

EVE Echoes

Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown
Space offers plenty of room for cartoonish evil

EVE Online is known as one of the most complex and wildly deep space-based MMO’s in the business, so it seems like a monumental task to try and condense years of double-crossing, thievery and nerd wars down to a mobile game. However, Eve Echoes has somehow pulled it off, delivering a shocking complex and expansive mobile version that is an extremely convenient option for space captains on the go. Still containing a wonderfully tense combat system and plenty of ships to fly, crash and mourn, even classic EVE Online players will find a lot to love here.

My Talking Tom Friends

Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown
The friends aren’t always willing to cooperate 

If you’re missing your friends, why not join Talking Tom and his pals for a bit of quality time. Bringing together not just one, but several virtual pets into one big house My Talking Tom Friends is touted as one of the most advanced games of its kind to date. With a new to the series sandbox approach, users can play any way they want as they take care of the Talking Tom family.

Players can make the virtual house their own, collecting cool toys on bus trips to town and decorating in their own style. But looking after the friends means feeding, bathing and fulfilling their wishes, alongside a collection of thrilling mini-games. A great choice if you want to feel a bit more responsible without worrying about the slowly deteriorating state of your sleep pattern.

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