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Alphadia Genesis 2 Review

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Fast Facts

Alphadia Genesis 2

Developer: EXE-CREATE
Publisher: KEMCO
Genre(s): RPG
Platform: Xbox Series X|S (Also available on Nintendo Switch and Steam)
Age Rating: PEGI 12
Release Date: 03/06/2021
Price: £12.49

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Alphadia Genesis 2 continues KEMCO’s trend of re-releasing their mobile catalogue onto home consoles. Last time I reviewed Asdivine Cross on Nintendo Switch, which is another KEMCO title. Aside from the difference in name and slight gameplay variation, both titles could be mistaken for being part of the same franchise.

So, the question is, is Alphadia Genesis 2 worth your time? Come with me as I try to give you an answer.

Story Time

The story follows Dion, a young adult who happens to be proficient in the use of magic dubbed Black Energi. The use of Black Energi is outlawed by the ruling Empire and as such the Royal Army are sent to raze Dion’s village. During the battle Dion witnesses his Father’s execution by the Royal Prince, and White Energi user – Prince Julius. After narrowly escaping with his life, Dion sets off to avenge his father and to dispel the notion that Black Energi is a form of evil.

What follows is a classic tale of good vs. evil with a fair few typical RPG twists thrown in for good measure. The plot isn’t particularly well fleshed out and serves to show that both types of Energi can be used for “good”. Energi is built up to be this all important magic – much like the Force, yet Alphadia Genesis 2 barely scratches the surface on what it actually is. Considering that the game serves as a sequel and a prequel, it’s not done anything to tempt me to play the previous Alphadia titles.

Alphadia Genesis 2 Review
“Grease Lightning?


Alphadia Genesis 2 features quite a range of characters who are all very familiar. Dion – our protagonist – is an amalgamation of every 2000’s RPG ‘hero’. Whilst Prince Julius is very familiar to James Franco’s version of Harry Osbourne – he’s impulsive and has quite a few “father issues”. What amused me the most is that the character who singlehandedly ties both sides together is a young girl…who’s also got amnesia. The staple of so many 1980-1990’s RPG titles.

Whilst mobile titles aren’t known for their tight storytelling, Alphadia Genesis 2 plays into it well. Considering that KEMCO are attempting to market their game onto home consoles the lack of character depth isn’t going to help. Personally I’d love the team develop an original game for consoles that isn’t just a copy & paste from a mobile title.


Gameplay in Alphadia Genesis 2 is pretty much what you’d expect. Most of the game is played via a 2-D overworld map that’s filled with random encounters and a little exploring. If you think along the lines of Final Fantasy VIII’s map system then you have the right idea. Combat takes place within various 3-D turn-based arenas. During these battles each character has their own skills and abilities which can be freely selected and utilised.

In addition to your basic skills, there is also a Boost attack which allows you to apply more power to an attack. It’s a bit hit and miss which can see you demolish weaker enemies, to then struggle against higher powered foes. If utilised correctly this mechanic could have been used to push battles into your favour. Yet in reality it’s just a poorly developed gimmick.

To top off this menagerie of mobile goodness is the ever present auto-battle. I can see why auto is a thing, it takes the pressure off of the player and allows you to then focus on other things such as story. I used auto a couple of times, but I did quickly notice that battles became long winded and full of generic skills. If the game’s A.I. had the sense to utilise the full skill set then auto would have been a viable option, but much like the Boost system – it’s just there as a means to an end.

Alphadia Genesis 2 Review
Honey I shrunk the Party!?


Alphadia Genesis 2 in a suprising move features Xbox Series S|X optimisation. However due to its PS1 style visuals this optimisation is a bit of a weird one that’s not really needed for a game of this type. Aside from this Alphadia Genesis 2 feels very much like a PlayStation 1/2 title. The overworld is presented in a retro style that’s reminiscent of many 90’s RPG titles. Combat takes this up a notch and introduces us to some great 3-D models. Much like a lot of the game, these character models feel very reminiscent of RPGs of the past, but it’s a welcomed sight. On top of this the voice acting is pretty superb. The Japanese voice cast deliver each character’s personality with great care and attention. Not every piece of dialogue is voiced, but even the written parts offer some great characterisation.

Alphadia Genesis 2 Review
This doesn’t look good!


When it’s said and done Alphadia Genesis 2 is much like any other KEMCO RPG. There’s plenty of traditional RPG elements here that’ll certainly evoke memories of gaming’s past. The overall story is worth experiencing and the end-game offers more of a challenge. However where Alphadia Genesis 2 shines it’s let down by its generic exploration and poorly executed combat.

Rapid Reviews Rating

3 out of 5


Alphadia Genesis 2 is available now and can be purchased via the Microsoft Store by clicking here.

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