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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Review

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Fast Facts

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Developer: UsTwo Games
Publisher: Plug In Digital
Genre(s): Indie, Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch (Also available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Apple Arcade)
Age Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 9/6/21
Price: £16.74

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A dolphin stranded on a beach with a character named Inés saying 'the dolphin's trapped in a net! We gotta rescue it, quickly!' in a speech bubble
In one of your first acts of rescue, saving a dolphin stranded on the beach.

Save the Island, Save the World

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is about as wholesome a game as it gets. You play as young Alba, first taking steps as a toddler alongside her grandparents on a small island. You learn how to control Alba in this flashback sequence. There you learn how to walk, run, and take photos. At the end of each day, all Alba will need to do is shake her head in agreement or disagreement when asked a question. After the short tutorial sequence, you time jump and play as teenage Alba tasked with cleaning up the island. Along with clean-up, it is Alba’s mission to get enough signatures from neighbors to stop the building of a large tourist high rise.

Ducks swimming around a swampy boardwalk with long reeds
Restoring the wildlife preserve is one of the main tasks before you.

A Different Kind of First Person Shooter

Similar to Nintendo’s recent game, New Pokemon Snap, Alba is equipped with a camera to take photos of animals you encounter. Alba has a great love for animals and sets out to photograph birds, mammals, reptiles, and other wildlife creatures to show the townsfolk that the animal reserve is worth preserving and maintaining. Alba will eventually help save animals from a toxic spill, rescue a dolphin, rebuild bridges, and more. As you navigate around the island you are given a set number of tasks to complete in an in-game day. You have one week to amass a list of signatures by completing tasks for townsfolk. If you can get enough signatures you will put an end to the construction.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is told through character interaction with her grandparents and neighbors. Conversations may require you to complete goals by fixing up birdhouses, finding a lost pet, and more. Once your goals are completed you will gain more signatures.

A mobile phone with an image of an Eagle Owl on the screen
During your adventure, you will take photos of dozens of wildlife. Here is an Eagle Owl you found.

Your Island Adventure Awaits

The island is actually pretty expansive, and includes a lowland marsh, high mountain ruins, a forest, and a town center. The variety of animal wildlife in which Alba needs to photograph is plentiful. With each animal you find, you restore hope to the citizens that see Mother Nature and her creatures haven’t left the island.

A common thread throughout the game is a weighted importance on caring for our environment, the animals, and each other. Saving the island is truly in your hands. Alba is not only a wholesome and fun game, but it’s also a game that inspires you to care about people and animals.

Alba and her friend with a doctor by a graffitied building looking at a squirrel lying in toxic pesticides
Here is Alba and the doctor saving the squirrels from the toxic pesticides.

Almost Picture Perfect

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure isn’t without its quirks and issues though. I had more than a handful of glitches happen during my time through the game. The bugs weren’t major, mostly just clipping or animation cycles that were messed up. Since the game is fairly short to complete, the issues aren’t a major hinderance to finding all the animals and completing the main story. If you are looking for an entertaining tale and a game that teaches you how to be a better person, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a great game and enjoyable by all ages.

A fox coming out of its hole in a desert landscape with cacti
A young fox ventures out of their home just in time for you to snap a photo.

4 out of 5


You can purchase Alba: A Wildlife Adventure for the Nintendo Switch here.

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