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Party Hard 2 Review

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Fast Facts

Party Hard 2

Developer: Pinokl Games
Publisher: tinyBuild
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Xbox One
Age Rating: PEGI 16
Release Date: 08/09/2020
Price: £16.74

A code was provided for review purposes.

Let The Party Begin

Party Hard 2
Time to Party Hard.

You ever had those annoying neighbors, up past 1 AM blaring their music with all their friends round? Partying… drinking… shouting and laughing, even sometimes arguing? If you answered yes for every single one of those, then you must be exactly like the Party Hard Killer. Yes, Party Hard 2 is a strategy action adventure where you play as a serial killer who hates the plague of rats that have no respect for other people and continue to drink and party… what could go wrong, right?

It’s Slaughtering Time!

party hard 2 xbox
The party ends here!

You have four options on who to be and I am going to explain who they are and what makes them unique. Each character has their own special skills, own special weapon, and a vivid back story on how they became who they are. From a masked serial killer to a wannabe copycat you choose who you want to ravage and eradicate partygoers by any means you like.

Party Hard Killer

xbox one review
I am the Party Hard Killer.

Now, every murderous serial killer has their story on how and why they became who they are. The Party Hard Killer was just what America feared would be stalking in the shadows like a masked demon in the night. He is the most notorious criminal figure in the twenty-first century in the United States of America. Party Hard Killer was responsible for a series of grisly murders at parties across the country.

Suddenly the Party Hard Killer vanished without a trace and went underground. The murders stopped and when the authorities tried to find out where he disappeared to, they were left with no leads on his whereabouts. Ten years later the Party Hard Killer returned with his signature of murder by ravaging another wave of horrible murders at parties and slaughtering the Chief of Police.

The knife welding, masked psycho has returned, and he wants blood. He wields a knife as a weapon, an ability to use party vision to find his next target, and his signature multi-kill skill to take out a group of people with just one slash.


xbox party hard 2
If you Wannabe my fan, got to get with my friends.

Now every serial killer has their own messed up fans, people who look up to these crazy lunatics and try to copy everything they do. Over the years we have all seen this in real life. So, it is kind of hard to believe the Party Hard Killer would not have their own Stan, who has the urge to carry on the murdering rampage to impress the masked killer himself.

You can play as the biggest fan of the killer himself AKA the Wannabe. He has every skill the Party Hard Killer possesses but he has his downfalls too. Although the Wannabe has extra stamina and health, he is for casual use only. He is used for just enjoying the story as you cannot unlock achievements, skills, etc. Powerful but useless…

You cannot tell people you beat Party Hard 2 if you play as him. He uses the same signature move, weapon, and skills but no matter what, the real Party Hard Killer he will never be.

Kao Tech

xbox one party hard 2
Alien meets Predator.

How cool would it be to run around as an Alien meets Predator, killing humans for partying? Sounds cool right? Every alien and monster combined? Well, guess what, you can! Introducing Kao Tech: these extra-terrestrial specimens were created by heavy drug trafficking done in space. The product of such careless ambitions caused the specimen of the newly formed Koa Tech species to be born.

Now they will travel across the galaxy to come to earth to eradicate those earthly partygoers once and for all. These four eyes extra-terrestrial warriors know no mercy and give no quarter. Humans will learn that their arrogance will be their very end. They can go invisible making them extremely deadly, use of Extra-terrestrial firearms, magnetic field, and traps. Sadly, you must unlock this character.

Shawn O’Panda

xbox one review
Kung Fu Panda baby!

Panda, Panda, Panda! You ever wanted to be the powerful Panda, who goes by the name of Shawn O’Panda? Well, this character is unlike any other, his weapon is not a sharp blade or a firearm from space… No, he prefers to use his Panda paws and beat you to death that way.

This makes him deadlier than any other characters. His speed and agility make him one of the fastest and if this does not work his ultimate skill will do the trick. He has Panda vision to find his targets, his ultimate skill called Flames of Pandhalla, and his secondary skill Pandash Kick. There are multiple choices who to play as, but the last two must be unlocked.

Death Comes For Us All

party hard 2 xbox review
Target is sighted.

There are two difficulty levels, Medium and Hard, although it is still quite a tricky game to get the hang of. No matter what you will find obstacles in your way and it will frustrate you as it did for me. If you find it too hard, grab a friend, turn on a second controller and get them to help you finish off the party early.

There are four different types of styles to kill and objectives. You have Criminal, Anarchy, Stealth, and Mystic. Some of these kills will show up some secret objectives, for example on one map to get a mystic objective you must kill one of the thugs, take the computer chip and use it to summon a UFO. You can choose to follow the main goal, find secrets, or complete side objectives. You can leave witnesses, or you can KILL THEM ALL. That means every single person meets their end. At each level, there are around sixty to seventy people so it will take a lot of work to slowly make them go bye. You choose what you want to do. Then choose to evacuate or KILL THEM ALL.

Uh Oh, It’s The Cops

party hard 2 xbox one review
Cops and Medics… what could have happened?

This game is a very pixelated 2 bit and a lot of work seems to have gone into it. You have multiple different locations and music, and all locations have different environments from a desert to the city, even a club. The music changes, it is very upbeat and gets you pumped to run around killing anything that moves. Although, some of the tunes are irritating, I will not lie to you. The characters or NPCs you will encounter may look familiar such as Harley Quinn. Even the Terminator turns up sometimes to stop you; this game is genuinely surprising.

Nowhere Is Safe From A Killer

xbox one review
Anyone need the bathroom?

Party Hard 2 comes with an action-packed murdering rampage story filled campaign, jam-packed with tons of missions to sink your teeth into. There are a lot of cutscenes to continue the story as you uncover who you really are and why you kill and kill. Kill but do not get caught, a witness will call the police and the police will turn up and arrest you causing you to fail.

If by god heaven’s luck you are able to stop them calling do so, and hide the body in one of the garbage cans or dumpsters. If someone finds the body, police will arrive and if they sense you are the killer then again they will attempt to arrest you. Hide and run or try to annihilate the cops, good luck. This game has very inventive ways to kill people, from using items you find across the maps, such as acid, gasoline cans, even boxes falling onto someone, they die your way.

You can also create your own weapons, using two items such as booze and a lighter to make a Molotov cocktail. If you get confused click the posters for hints scattered around the map. Party Hard 2 is extremely brutal and it would not be a game like this if there was not any type of achievement for those hunters out there, although be inventive to find the secret ones.

All in all, I actually had a lot of fun with this. It has its downfalls but it has its good part too. Thank you for taking the time to read, and pick up your copy if you want to see what secrets are left to uncover.

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