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Xbox @Gamescom 2018 – Day 1 recap

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I made some notes as I was watching the Xbox live stream from Gamescom yesterday.

You can find all of the announcements and trailers that were shown.  So without further to do, here they are. Enjoy!

Crytek Hunt Showdown

The game is a competitive 1st person monster hunting game. You are a bounty hunter, killing monsters for gold.  The developers say that it is “High risk, high reward, high tension.”

The primary goal to kill the boss and banish it to hell.  Once you’ve got the prize, you can sell it for money.  However, the game changes once you’ve got the gold.  The hunter becomes the hunted and other players will try to snatch the reward from you.

Coming soon to Xbox game preview.


September 4th 2019.  All enhancements will be included New mode

New controllers announced!

Yes, even more, controllers were announced!

PUBG Limited Edition Wireless Controller

Preorder now available.  Shipping worldwide in October.

Xbox design lab

Inspired by dusk. Cloaked for combat. Two new designs – Shadow and camo.

5 new shadows/colours and camos.

Time limited exclusives – Silver shadow only available from now until September 30th.


Battlefield V

Tide of war – After launch will keep developing.

More ways than ever to turn battlefield to your advantage.

Company –  A personalised unit of soldiers weapons and vehicles.

Combat roles – First-time in Battlefield, unique loadout and ability.

Unlock tactical choices.

Daily orders and special assignments.

Progression. Visually personalise your company.

Staggering customisation.

State of Decay 2 – Daybreak pack

This is an entirely new mode, in a new map, with new unlockables.

You are a well-equipped, Red Talon soldier with the best gear, defending a fortified position.

There is a connection between the Daybreak Pack and your community.  You can gain new weapons and equipment for your community.  The Red Talon soldier can even become your Community leader.

The is also a new freak – The blood plague juggernaut.


You can play co-op, drop in drop out, with up to 4 players or solo with NPCs.

The day Daybreak Pack will be available on Xbox One on September 12th 2019.


Sea of thieves – Forsaken Shores

Joe Neate did mention, rather tongue in cheek, that the biggest community request has been fishing!

The Forsaken shores campaign will be a bit more relaxed and chilled.

It is set in a perilous, volcanic world with geysers throwing you up into the air and hot, molten rocks raining down.


The water gets superheated which means that you can’t swim unless you want to become a skeleton that it.

That’s where the new addition of the rowing boat comes in handy.  You can dock it to your boat and fill it up with loot.

New quest for the merchants was announced, with different cargo runs.  Requests now include bottles of rum, plants and luxurious cloths.  Damage to the items will impact their worth.

A new Bilge Rats adventure – Cursed crews will launch soon.  You will be able to use cursed cannonballs, each with a different effect.

The Reaper’s mark flag was also mentioned.  It can be used to show your ship on the map.  This could potentially be used to show fellow pirates where you are.  However, I have a feeling that it will more than likely be used for people wanting a fight.

Forsaken Shores will be available on September 19th 2019 – This just happens to be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Fallout 76 world exclusive trailer!

A new CAMP (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) system was shown.  It offers a new way to build settlements.

You have more freedom as your camp is movable.  For the cost of some caps, you have the ability to relocate anywhere you want.

As the game is online, you are able to build with other players around you.  This will lead to larger settlements.

There was a quick mention of Perk cards that will allow you to change your loadout.

You can access the Beta simply by preordering the game.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

New game mode announced – Spirit trials.

You compete against ghosts of other characters, and you can earn reward in this speedrunner mode.

Metro Exodus

They announced a new level called The Tiger.  This is a forest environment, set in the Autumn.

The developer said that there are different methods of approaching each level.. You can fo in full guns blazing.  However, the game encourages stealth.  This is a survival game and ammo and resources and scarce.

Metro Exodus is released on February 22nd 2019

Life is strange 2 trailer

A new journey begins. Sept 27th episode 1.

Devil May Cry 5 trailer

Available on 8.3.2019

They also reminded Xbox game pass holders that DMC 4 special edition is available.



I’ve got to say, I’m really looking forward to playing this one.

It has clearline, comic book style visuals and takes inspiration from Japanese base anime, like Studio Ghibli,

It is being developed by Raw fury and the 4 man team at SHEDWORKS.

The team have described the games as being “Stylised with spirit and soul.”

Sable is a story about a young girl who is leaving her clan for the first time, a sort of right of passage.  She uses her Hoverbike to travel around, whilst learning about the world and her place in it.  It is a game of wonder and mystery.  The game features an amazing soundtrack, working in collaboration with Japanese breakfast.

Sable is tentatively scheduled for Late 2019.


Games pass update

Cue the Halo music! MCC is coming to games pass!

It will feature a customs games browser.  All the updates and improvements, including multiplayer.  For Xbox One X users, it will be 4K and 60fps.

Xbox Games Pass Mobile App Beta

You can read about this in my hands on review.

Bohemia Interactive Trailer for DayZ – Coming to Xbox game preview on August 29th.

The Division 2

A new trailer was shown.  Coming 15th March 2019.

Lara Croft – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

A new Warrior’s trial was announced.  Tombs have been dialled up to terrifying difficulty levels, with everything trying to kill you.  Even puzzles can kill you if not completed properly.  It was also said that crypts are now as big as challenge tombs and challenge tombs are as big as regular tombs.

It was announced that if you explore enough, you might even find a challenge tomb underwater.  Be careful though, you do not have an oxygen tank.  Lack of oxygen can’t have an effect on you underwater, as well as in some caves.

Released on 14th September 2018.

New partnership announced between Bandai Namco Super Massive games

Each game will have a focus on a different genre of horror and will have a different story and unique environment.  They will collectively be known as The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The first title, Man of Medan, is scheduled for release in 2019.

Forza Horizon 4 segment, with Ralph Fulton from Playground Games

A bundle of bundles

Xbox announced a slew of bundles during their live stream.

Battlefield V
Fallout 76
Forza Horizon 4
Lara Croft

The team wrapped the show up by announcing that Episode 7 live from undisclosed location.

You watch the whole recap of the show right here,

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