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Xbox Games Pass App

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During their live stream from Gamescom 2018, Microsoft announced the availability of the Xbox Games Pass App for Android and iOS.

I’ve downloaded the app onto my Android phone and have tested it.

Here’s my hands on and impressions.


Set up is really simple, click on a game and it will take you to the store page. If you haven’t signed in, you will need to.

Sign in to your Microsoft account and you’re good to go.

Homescreen, searching and downloading

The homescreen shows a carousel of the most popular games.

Games on the home screen are also sorted by recently added, featured, browse by category as well as show all games by a-z.

I really like the icons used.

You can click on any game and it will take to store page, where you can read about the game, buy it outright, and if you own a games pass, download it.

You can then click the green bar to queue the game for download, or if you want to add more than one game for download, you can add it to your games queue.

If you add more than one game to your games, this is what you will see.

You can then click to download the games from there.

Games Queue

I tested the games queue and I can confirm that it worked, over WiFi and mobile data.

In the search function, I liked the fact that as you type, the results appear.

As this app is in beta, there is a feedback section.

The settings menu can be found in the top right hand corner of the Your games section.

Here you see your avatar, your subscription status and, you can redeem a code.

You have the option of using dark or light themes, which changes on the fly. I preferred the light theme. Notifications can also be managed from here.

Closing thoughts…

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Games Pass App and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a Games Pass.

How to download

Android users can download from the Google Play Store here,

Apple user can sign up for the test flight here,

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