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Flood of Light – Nintendo Switch

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Title: Flood of Light
Developer: Irisloft
Publisher: Indienova
Website: Flood of Light
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Audience: All
Price: £4.49. I was very kindly provided with a review code for this game.

What the developer says:

You control a mysterious girl who arrives at a city that is completely flooded with water. Only she possesses the ability to control light.

By using the girl’s supernatural power, you can solve various puzzles to gradually make the water recede and ultimately save the city.

However, by doing so, the true purpose of this mysterious girl will also be slowly revealed to you.

My Rapid Review

The game starts as an ethereal young girl, mysteriously appears out of a stone.  She finds herself in a seemingly abandoned, flooded world called Hope City.

You quickly learn that she has the gift of controlling light. Using this ability, you need to absorb light from various sources to complete puzzles.  Successfully completing a puzzle makes the water levels subside.


Through reading the stories at the various terminals, and speaking to the Robots, you discover that the young girl is known as the guide and that the robots were foretold of her coming.

The Terminals tell a story as you travel to each floor.

The game looks beautiful, it is a hand-drawn, 2D, side-scrolling world. It reminded me a little bit of Inside on Xbox.  The subtle details make the game feel alive.

The music in this game is haunting and absolutely mesmerizing.  The ambient sounds of the rain falling, suit the game perfectly.  It reinforces the feeling of being alone in this abandoned City. If you close your eyes and listen to the music, you feel like you’ve been transported to another world.

The rooftop is your starting point. From here you can access the elevator, which takes you to the various levels.  There are 9 floors in total. There is also a terminal, where you can read parts of the story that you have collected throughout the game. You’re also able to see your statistics.

A telescope can also be used on the rooftop. Looking through it gives you a view of a city in the distance.  What is this City?

The controls are fairly simple to master and the first couple of puzzles help you to learn the basics.

Control Scheme

Beware, some of the puzzles are very tricky!  I found myself spending quite a long time, staring at the screen, trying to work the problem out. Yes, I know, that’s the whole point of a puzzle game!

However, more often than not, stepping away from the game for a minute and coming back to it, enabled me to solve the puzzle.

My tips would be to make use of the information that the robots give you and make use of the restart option.

At the end of each floor, you have to light the Monoliths, doing so, will allow you access to the next floor.


The game offers challenge and replayability in that you can collect all of the Wicks in each level, complete each level in the suggested number of Steps and wake up all of the Robots.

A competitive gamer will also want to ensure that they get an A Rating on each level.  Furthermore, if you do manage to achieve all 3 (I never did!) you will gain access to an S Stage Glory.



At £4.49, this game is an absolute must. The soundtrack alone means that this is good value for money.  The puzzles, although quite similar, offer a challenge.  The story is interesting and I like the way that it is told throughout the game.  This is the kind of game that you can pick up and play, on a rainy day.

Rapid Reviews Rating: 7/10 Yeah!

Flood of Light is available on the Nintendo eShop on 23.08.18. You can purchase the game at the following link, Flood of Light Nintendo e-store.

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