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‘Word of Tanks’…The Nameless Review

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Welcome to Squad 422

Hello and welcome to the first Rapid Reviews ‘Word of Tanks’ review. There’s nothing worse than grinding XP or Silver to unlock a tank that’s a bit rubbish. With these ‘Word of Tanks‘ reviews, my aim is to select a single tank and put it through its paces. So come with me as I dive into a tank that divides many… The Nameless.

Word of Tanks'...The Nameless top down view
This things a beast!


The Nameless is a tier VIII heavy tank that featured in the Valkyria Chronicles crossover. As a premium tank, The Nameless costs a whopping 11,700 gold. It’s a hefty price tag for what’s essentially a big slow, incredibly overpowered, moving target.

Hailing from SEGA’s critically acclaimed Valkyria Chronicles 3, The Nameless is the main vehicle for Squad 422. Featuring a unique sloped armour design with near impenetrable frontal armour, The Nameless was a fearsome sight on the battlefield. In 2016, Wargaming released both The Nameless and The Edelweiss as part of a Valkyria Chronicles crossover. With both tanks only being available via either World of Tanks Console or World of Tanks PC (Asia server). It’d fair to say that they’re both a collectors item.

Stats and Facts

When it comes to World of Tanks Console, The Nameless is a bit hit and miss. Whilst it boasts an impressive 1600hp, with a hull armor of 220/80/80mm it’s still pretty easy to destroy once you target its weak points. This is mainly due to the tank’s sluggish maneuverability and its horrendous base reload speed of 9 seconds. The Nameless also boasts quite a large frame, which means there’s a lot of her to hit. To add insult to injury, gun depression comes in at a mere 5 degrees. This means you’re going to be heavily relying on the tank’s armour when shooting.

As a Tier VIII tank, The Nameless has the option to be matched with Tier X players. This is where the tank’s maneuverability and reload times will be tested the most. I found that the lightly armoured tracks make for great targets and quite often you’ll be a sitting duck. This naturally makes repair kits a must have. The tank’s slopped frontal armour is a real shell sponge and you can take far more damage than the tank has hit points – if hit from the front.

Word of Tanks'...The Nameless side view
Where to shoot??

Equipment and Crew Skills

When commanding The Nameless I found having skills and equipment that increased movement and reload speed a must. As I mentioned before, the base reload speed is horrendous. Having gun rammer, improved ventilation, and brothers in arms makes it more bearable but it’s still not brilliant. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your own play style. You could arguably increase the accuracy and spotting distance to then turn it into an anti Tank Destroyer. Or even increase movement speed and just roll over everyone smaller.

Final Thoughts

The Nameless is truly one tank that divides opinion. Whilst some of the player base say it’s overpowered, others disagree. I’m personally in the middle. Though the frontal armour is ridiculous, The Nameless is balanced out by its reload time, maneuverability, and exposed tracks. If you’re a fan of Valkyria Chronicles, anime, or even after something a little different, then definitely give The Nameless a go. If, however, you’re after something more versatile, then there are better tanks out there.

Rapid Reviews Rating

3.5 out of 5


World of Tanks is available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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    • Rob Lake

      Hi Justin, thank you for your feedback!

      The title ‘Word of Tanks’ was chosen to differentiate from being a World of Tanks review, yet keeping the familiarity of the namesake, and providing a tongue in cheek play on words. – Rob Lake

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