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Trigger Witch – PlayStation 5 Review

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Are The Upgrades Enough to Buy It Again?

Fast Facts

Trigger Witch

Developer: Rainbite
Publisher: EastAsiaSoft
Genre(s): Retro, Twin-Stick Shooter
Platform: PS5, Also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox S/X, One.
Age Rating: PEGI12
Release Date: 21/1/2022
Price: £11.99

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Broomsticks to Boomsticks

Yes, we have reviewed Trigger Witch already on the Switch, haha that rhymes! So this review will be a short and sweet number as I try to detail the differences between the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch versions. Yes, the PS5 is more powerful but for a game like Trigger Witch, which is a pixelated top-down game that will run well on most consoles, I suspected most differences to be minor. Strap yourself in and lets Trigger Witch!

If you have not read our Switch review, I will give you a general overview before I discuss the differences and what I thought of the whole package. In Trigger Witch you play Colette a young Witch with a revolver. I know, what more could you want? Anyway, after your world has left magic behind and turned to firearms, you must qualify to get into the Clip, a well-regarded force for good, rescue your mother and quell the mysterious black figure. You may say Colette has swapped ‘broomsticks for boomsticks!’ Hehe.

Deffo Zelda Vibes
Deffo Zelda Vibes.

Trigger Witch: A Blast From The Past

The gameplay of Trigger Witch is Zelda: A Link to the Past (The best Zelda game, don’t @ me) mixed with a twin-stick shooter. I know it sounds bonkers but it really, really works. You have a top-down, semi-open world with dungeons, NPCs, quests, guns and upgrades. All the things any video game player loves. Not only that, Trigger Witch has a warm story, and entertaining characters and even if it’s a bit cliche at times, I found it made me smile and reminded me of times gone by.

So, what’s new with the PS5 version, well two things actually. Firstly there is a new 120fps mode, which you have to enable in the options and let me tell you this. It’s buttery smooth. The game ran well before but wow, playing this game at 120fps is great. I have not played many games at this framerate as it’s very intensive, games like this though, with a simpler art style make it easier to reach this amount of frames.

Trigger Witch has some entertaining Interactions.
Trigger Witch has some entertaining Interactions.

Trigger Witch’s Triggers

Secondly, Trigger Witch takes advantage of the DualSense adaptive triggers and other controller shenanigans. The triggers tighten up and click when firing yet are loose and free when you are out of ammo, it’s certainly a nice touch and while it may not be to the level of some of Sony’s own games, it does add something to the overall experience.

It’s the same story with the haptics and controller speaker, they are utilized but I do feel they are under-utilized. The haptics are nothing against something like Returnal or Astrobot and the sounds are few and far between. The sounds do however give you a good indication of when you are about to empty your current clip. All these controller extras are great but I do wish the developer went a little further and really drive home all the different weapons and how they feel, like Ratchet and Clank.

Blood and Bullets
Blood and Bullets.

Overall, I think this is a very nice package. You have a few controller bells and whistles, 120 frames-per-second and a great little game underneath. Should you buy the Switch version or the PlayStation 5 version, I think both are worthwhile and I suppose it comes down to whether you are playing at home or on the go. The Switch version can be played anywhere whereas the PS5 version has a few more bells and whistles to try out. Put it this way, Trigger Witch is worth your cash no matter what platform you pick to play. It just depends on how you want to play. Right, I am off to mop up my last few trophies for the Trigger Witch Platinum, pew pew Witches!

4 out of 5


If you want to buy Trigger Witch from the PSN store, you can do so here.

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